Untroubled In A Sentence

Definition of Untroubled

Without worries; free from care.

How To Use Untroubled In A Sentence?

  • It was a pleased and untroubled face that met his gaze when she extended her hand to him.
  • His eyes were closed, but his face was as untroubled as that of some quiet sleeper.
  • Her untroubled young spirit had little sympathy for others more weary and wayworn.
  • Now she was sometimes irritable, disclosing a fretfulness close under the untroubled surface.
  • He had knocked over a smaller chair on the way, but this time he was untroubled by his clumsiness.
  • Sweet as a white rose; untroubled as the stars; full of hope as the flush of the morning.
  • And he had run beyond it, he should live Thenceforth a painless and untroubled life.
  • I slept that night like a log, untroubled by dreams, and woke late the next morning.
  • And in the untroubled night The nightingale still sings, the jasmine still is sweet.
  • She, it is certain, would do it very accurately, untroubled by the deceptions of any Muse.
  • Down, down, far down upon the untroubled green A shepherd-boy that swung a little sling.
  • Like gods they lived, with calm, untroubled mind, Free from the toil and anguish of our kind.
  • Does Truth yet limn upon untroubled eyes, Pure and serene, her world of Iris-dies?
  • I see the day coming when men and women will go untroubled by any ailment from the cradle to the grave.
  • But there was a more solid social comfort, such as befits people untroubled by the certainty that the world is looking on.
  • After this stupendous incident had ruffled the waters of provincial repose, a long untroubled calm succeeded.
  • After a night of refreshing and untroubled sleep they dressed and hurried to breakfast after the manner of travellers making close connections.
  • So he played about the ship during the voyage, untroubled by the anxieties and cares which weighed upon the spirits of his father and mother.
  • He brought a trained mind to put down with untroubled vision what he saw of a certain phase of work-a-day life.
  • All his features, especially his straight and never-moving lips, were expressive of untroubled serenity.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Untroubled | Untroubled Sentence

  • Arnold was left untroubled with any more questions.
  • A perfect sleep untroubled by dreams.
  • And we in part sleep our untroubled sleep.
  • Theirs is the beatitude of a wholly untroubled joy.
  • He was there secure enough, untroubled in his grave.
  • Lapped in rich sloth; untroubled generation!
  • Richard Barrington had remained untroubled for many hours.
  • His night had been untroubled by any images of pleasure or of pain.
  • The city had wakened from an untroubled sleep to find itself poisoned.
  • It rose steadily, untroubled by wind until it was dissipated.
  • But it did not show in the steady, untroubled glow of his eyes.
  • He had all that heart could wish for, and was untroubled by any work.
  • The tide ebbed back, and untroubled they made no effort to stop its ebbing.
  • Few are the days that such as he May live untroubled of calamity.
  • He looked so prosperous and untroubled that I stared incredulously.
  • And the next-following years did pass untroubled over the prosperous Family.
  • It was such a beautiful sleep, calm, peaceful, untroubled by fret or moan.
  • And still my ghost sits at my eyes And thirsts for their untroubled snows.
  • Oh, happiest he Who steals through life, untroubled as unseen!
  • She was peering steadily into the boy's lean, untroubled face.

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