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  • And you were untrue to me.
  • This had become perfectly untrue to him.
  • Not an untrue word to trouble my confessor with.
  • But it was untrue that he sought vainly for an answer to this riddle.
  • It is untrue that he who desires revolution must put up with terrorism.
  • Agellius set out, and never was path so untrue to its own threats.
  • Denial would be useless, and in denying, you would be untrue to yourself.
  • It was utterly untrue about Queen's girls.
  • I am sure Papa will not wish that anything untrue should be told.

How To Use Untrue In A Sentence?

  • Falsity and the untrue appear in natural juxtaposition with the debased and the vulgar.
  • For as pain is the warning of death, so the untrue is the detrimental, the destructive.
  • How untrue all these tales told by our papers of the French being broken and spent!
  • Having consented to take everything from his hands, I could never have been untrue to him.
  • It is untrue to say that the Friars did not wish to spread the Spanish language.
  • Now that I gaze upon the face of one, Whom with a word untrue I must encounter!
  • In what a religion shares of the abstractly true it is beneficent; in what it partakes of the untrue it is deleterious.
  • I pointed out that not only were these editorials untrue and unjust, but they did not reflect his policy and yet were so interpreted.
  • It is sometimes claimed that the eggs of young geese will not hatch but this is untrue and goslings have been raised from such eggs.
  • A picture in which there were no colors but blue and red would be untrue to nature, and fatigue the eye.
  • Burton now began to suffer from the untrue tales that were told about him, still he never troubled to disprove them.
  • The latter is as untrue and as injurious as the former, nor does it contain a whit the more the real elements of religious progress.
  • It is untrue that in the army we began with the one-man principle: even now we are far from having completely adopted it.
  • That it was untrue there could hardly be a question, but that it could be proved untrue was extremely doubtful and an almost hopeless task.
  • No honors could tempt him to be untrue unto himself; no tasks are too humble to perform, if he can make himself useful.
  • We have an ideal to maintain, and if we are untrue or fail, we interrupt, we desecrate the everlasting scheme of the universe.
  • But this is emphatically untrue of Ireland, and was never more conclusively disproved than by the recent literary achievements of her daughters.
  • There could be no doubt that Radford Leicester was untrue to the creed which he had so often professed.
  • Our Anglican friends seem penetrated with the utterly false notion of justification by scholarship alone; which is as untrue as it is unscriptural.
  • There will be many false religious teachers, many Christians untrue to their faith, and a great increase of wickedness.
  • It is very amusing, and rather annoying, to see how the musical historians have copied from one another the most untrue statements about Deering.
  • This would be untrue to nature, false to art, preposterously absurd, and I pronounce it to be altogether erroneous.
  • To be told they gossiped of her influence seemed to have no terror for her; her regret was that the talk should be all untrue and she in fact impotent.
  • He would have been untrue to the sincerity of his character, if he had affected indifference or satisfaction at seeing his beneficent hopes for ever destroyed.
  • Rather than be untrue to the light within him, like so many of his brethren, William Orchard elected to go into the wilderness.
  • There were those who solaced themselves with rye coffee and sorghum molasses regardless of ergot and acid, but nobler souls would not be untrue to their gastronomic ideal.
  • She knew that there was one thing to which love like hers could not link itself and that was to dishonour, not the false dishonour of conventionalism but the real dishonour of proving untrue to herself.
  • Nor must we fail to note the vaulting ambition of this otherwise attractive woman, an ambition which made her untrue to her brother and a conspirator against his throne and his life.
  • This, then, being untrue to nature, untrue in art, in short, a most absurd misrepresentation, I pronounce to be utterly wrong.
  • In a more suggestible mind even the direct sense impressions may be overwhelmed by the proposition for an untrue belief and the strongest desires may yield to the new propositions of action.
  • It is also untrue that in defence of one-man forms of administration of our economic enterprises with the attraction of experts, we took our stand only on the foundation of our military experience.

Definition of Untrue

False; not true. | Not faithful or loyal.
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