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  • To be unsteady, dishonest, or untruthful is fatal.
  • But this should not make us consider him an untruthful interpreter.

How To Use Untruthful In A Sentence?

  • The assertion that the Belgians are lacking in courage is as untruthful as it is cruel.
  • Evidently he was striving to subdue the exhortations of a desire which was seducing him into signing an untruthful statement.
  • The conventions of to-day are false, are bound up with concealments or with an equally untruthful openness.
  • Is it difficult to realise the harm such an untruthful comment in a newspaper, read by hundreds of thousands of persons, did to my case?
  • Whatever other claims might be advanced, he would shut out from any approach to intimacy those whom he found to be untruthful or not straightforward.
  • For these we are no longer compelled to regard the medium of music as a forced and untruthful expression, for do they not dwell in the magic lands of the imagination?
  • They habitually said that the northern masses were too untruthful and dishonest for us of the south to stay in the partnership without disgrace and loss of self-respect.
  • Thus their minds are free from doubts and fear resultant from incomplete or untruthful replies; it is the latter which warp the growth of the child, and create a lack of confidence in himself and those about him.
  • For one thing, I knew my man, and I knew he was but a pinchbeck, unstable, untruthful kind of genius.

Definition of Untruthful

Not giving the truth; providing untrue facts; lying. | Pertaining to falsehood; corrupt; dishonest.
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