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  • It was an unusual and disconcerting experience for him.
  • He is not unusual in that, is he?
  • Something unusual was evidently going on.
  • There was an unusual shade of trouble in his face.
  • Her life-story was a curiously unusual one.
  • The work met with unusual support and sympathy.
  • Collie noted this unusual alertness of poise and wondered.
  • That night she wrote at unusual length to Mr. Nikolai.
  • To the railroad men the country offered no unusual difficulties.
  • The winter had been an unusual one even in a land of winters.
  • The captain naturally looked surprised at so unusual a request.
  • The light that fell on her face revealed to him a face of unusual beauty.
  • Not that he exerted any unusual severity towards me, but it was his way.
  • It all comes ultimately from one source, and that a rather unusual one.
  • Haidee displayed unusual tact, but Bran was full of curiosity.
  • Bruno showed unusual excitement, and Harry stopped and listened intently.
  • Recently there was a somewhat unusual occurrence at the Bristol Post Office.
  • It was an unusual face--high-bred and fine.

How To Use Unusual In A Sentence?

  • Dicksie had good eyes, and something unusual in the riding of the men was soon apparent to her.
  • Even this disadvantage occurs to trains east-bound only, because due to unusual circumstances.
  • I remarked that, at the point of starting, there was an unusual stir and noise on the platform.
  • At the same time she understood very well that I had an unusual talent for silence.
  • This unusual and worthy intention lent Overland added assurance, and he needed it.
  • I possessed, even as a child, an unusual share of what phrenologists call Concentrativeness.
  • She does not show partiality ... indeed, appears to be gifted with unusual fairness....
  • It wasn't unusual that all the high cardinals would give their consent to Orren's requests.
  • And Jo Briscoe was tuning his violin, evidently in preparation for an unusual effort.
  • He told himself that it was probably due to his unusual surroundings, and again tried to pin himself down to his schedule.
  • Added to this unusual effort was a train journey and a weary hunt for the house of the doctor whose address she had forgotten to bring with her.
  • The bare fact was stated, and the assumption is, therefore, that it was not an unusual circumstance.
  • A quiet day in reading and rest did wonders in refreshing the tired out motion picture friends after a week of unusual activity and excitement.
  • Much that was unusual in her little house she had done herself, staining walls, painting woodwork, covering furniture.
  • It is not unusual for a lightning discharge to plow its way across the outer layer of a wound spool, melting the copper of the turns as it goes.
  • With the knowledge, the recollection that Joe had gone came back to me with an unusual sense of aggravation.
  • My father had evidently seen nothing unusual in my conduct, so I hoped that it had not been conspicuous.
  • It was this, added to the fact that an unusual number of rocks was visible at low tide, that had made us fix on it as a promising location.
  • Lessingham had thrown his cap onto the ground, and his wind-tossed hair and the unusual colour in his cheeks were both, in their way, becoming.
  • Behind them, made prudent by unusual danger, rode the best men the mountain division could muster for the final effort to bring them to account.
  • Decidedly, she was a woman of unusual moods, for she stooped and kissed the anxious, girlish face, first on one cheek and then on the other.
  • Afterwards, in visiting that accomplished and lamented gentleman at Naples, we requested to hear an animal possessed of so unusual a gift.

Definition of Unusual

Not usual, out of the ordinary | Something that is unusual; an anomaly.
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