Unwavering In A Sentence

Definition of Unwavering

Never doubted; always steady and on course

How To Use Unwavering In A Sentence?

  • I can think of no better words to express the unwavering consistency of his life.
  • She had reflected first and had then tapped the palm of my hand with unwavering certainty.
  • How few can steer their way unwavering through the straightened pathway of a false position.
  • No man was ever followed with truer devotion or served with more unwavering fidelity.
  • She opened her eyes upon him with the old, unwavering adoration in their depths.
  • The unwavering resolution and prompt decision of his character thus crop out at every step.
  • Next moment the breath cleared away again, and the surface was as bright and unwavering as before.
  • From three unwavering spots along the wall to his left glittered the blue muzzles of revolvers!
  • Since the night of the storm honest Reuben had given me his unwavering loyalty.
  • He recognized the compromises of the Constitution, with unwavering fidelity to its spirit.
  • That you will marry a great citizen, one unwavering in his service and devotion to our Republic.
  • He noted the deep-set, unwavering eyes, the smiling lips, and the firm, square set of the jaw.
  • Yet when he came into the room where they were at breakfast she could not look at him with the same unwavering eyes.
  • Ferguson smiled, his eyes unwavering and narrowing a very little as they met those of his questioner.
  • Her fixed and unwavering assurance that her boy was absolutely innocent could not be imperilled by any words which man could speak.
  • History, both sacred and profane, gives unwavering and very numerous evidences of the justice and verity of these propositions.
  • There is no grander sight in the world than that of a young man fired with a great purpose, dominated by one unwavering aim.
  • The deepening, baffling mystery served merely to stimulate ambition, to strengthen his unwavering purpose.
  • The swamps were wrapped in woolly vapour, and a column of dingy smoke went up straight and unwavering from the funnel of the locomotive boiler.
  • Her clear eyes sought for and found Marlanx; her unwavering finger pointed him out to the old marksman.
  • She is shot through with the stars' light, Helped by their calm, unwavering might.
  • He respected all faiths, but an abiding assurance of the supremacy of the service of Christ gave him unwavering serenity and poise.
  • To that man on the night before their departure came Puck, very pale and resolute, with shining, unwavering eyes.
  • His perfect, unwavering faith in the Guard was the same that had grown up with every prince of Graustark and would not be gainsaid.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Unwavering | Unwavering Sentence

  • He was regarding her with unwavering eyes.
  • Marian looked at her with unwavering eyes.
  • They were still the same steady and unwavering gray.
  • Pure and unwavering their gentle eyes looked down at him.
  • They caught and held with unwavering iron strength.
  • Inocencio listened with fixed, unwavering gaze.
  • She gazed at him with steady, unwavering eyes.
  • On it came with the unwavering force of Fate.
  • This time she encountered a concentration in his unwavering stare.
  • Her determination was founded on unwavering faith in ultimate good.
  • He moved close to her and glared down implacably into her unwavering eyes.
  • The cold, unwavering gaze of the stranger sent ice into his veins.
  • Her features suggested a decided character, and she had unwavering blue eyes.
  • All day Peddler followed doggedly upon that unwavering trail.
  • His eye met Thornton's in a long unwavering look.
  • Yet Chrysostom was a man of loving heart and of unwavering purpose of life.

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