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  • Congdon unwrapped it from his jacket and handed it to him.
  • Cautiously he unwrapped one winding from the limb.
  • Prale unwrapped it, and some cards spilled out.
  • I unwrapped her carefully, and kissed her.
  • I unwrapped it and showed it to the father that had me by the arm.
  • Gradually he unwrapped the blanket and tied it in a folded square at his back.
  • He got up and unwrapped the blankets and he saw a pretty girl.
  • They unwrapped it, and Hassan swayed and blinked in the glaring sun.

How To Use Unwrapped In A Sentence?

  • A faint scent that was almost like a presence came forth from the unwrapped folds.
  • The guard unwrapped the kitten completely and held it up, then he turned swiftly and hurried out.
  • Then she unwrapped the paper and saw a dainty pair of brown kid gloves with ever so many buttons.
  • He fished in a private compartment in his top desk drawer, drew out a cigar and unwrapped it.
  • She slowly unwrapped a long, slim, cylinderlike parcel, and brought to view what it contained.
  • They sat up on their blankets, and he took from his pocket a little package which he unwrapped and looked at a moment or two.
  • This one unwrapped itself in one awful swiftness, and wrapped itself up again more awfully swiftly and in worse knots.
  • With respectful care the great canvas was brought in, unwrapped and lifted to its chosen hanging place.
  • After which he removed his spurs, carefully unwrapped the dynamite and stuck three sticks in each hip-pocket.
  • She answered affirmatively, and produced a roll of francs and another of two-franc pieces, and unwrapped them.
  • Sarah Brown absently unwrapped the little dinner which she had brought hanging by a thin string from a strangled finger.
  • But he was wonderfully cool headed and self-possessed, as, with deft fingers he unwrapped the ball of cord and coiled it between his knees.
  • The boy reached the President's box, the unwrapped objects being a pair of dirty banderillas.
  • With suppressed excitement Gerald unwrapped a sheet of cardboard, and standing it on the mantel received upon it the shadow.
  • Zara sprang to attention at once, and she and Margery unwrapped the ham, and got out the big boiler in which it was to be cooked.
  • An atmosphere of good sense and fearlessness seemed to halo her about; still both women unwrapped the heavy thing, the mummy, with care.
  • She unwrapped an oval portrait, placed it on the mantelpiece, and, stepping back, fixed her gaze on Irene.
  • Then very quietly and unobtrusively he unwrapped the package and laid upon the table beside him several small boxes bearing the name of a prominent jeweler.
  • First Miss Pinkerton scrubbed her hands with water and carbolic-smelling soap, and then she unwrapped a waxed-paper package and spread napkins.
  • Through it we came, carried down from the hill-tops on the backs of the crooked men and handed over to the old black mammy who unwrapped us trembling by the firelight.
  • For distraction from the maddening refrain he rose up, drew the guitar again from its box, unwrapped it, and took it back to his chair for another examination.
  • Mitchell was shaking out little lumps from the sack; each was wrapped in paper, and each, when he unwrapped it, was a small pebble that flashed fire.
  • Every eye was at once turned to him as he beat the frost from his parkee hood and thrust it back, unwrapped fold after fold of the ice-crusted scarf from his face, and pulled off his mittens.

Definition of Unwrapped

Not wrapped. | simple past tense and past participle of unwrap
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