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  • Or are you done up because you beat me?
  • My father sent you up because you were a thief.
  • She got up because she could no longer sit still.
  • Then he gave it up, because he was growing sleepy.
  • And drunkards flare up because good men abstain.
  • Filipino snapped at me to shut up, because word no good.
  • They're stuck up because they ain't just ordinary feebs.
  • Mother, Nell's all fussed up because we've got money.
  • But I had to give it up because I would not leave Helene.
  • But the rest of us kept up because of the fierce excitement.
  • Make her lean and shrivelled up, because she is continual dissolution.
  • He must have seen me jump up, because he vanished like a ghost.
  • The thing's bin hurried up, because he got afeared.
  • I couldn't look up because I was blushing still worse.
  • I bring our young friend up because I, too, am a Scotch Member.
  • So you tied me up because it was your Christian duty," he soliloquized aloud.

How To Use Up Because In A Sentence?

  • But she had given that up because it was too cold, because she could not do any more work.
  • He took it up because he fully realized the importance of the part it was destined to play in war.
  • I can imagine an unlucky devil like myself knocked up, because so little does it.
  • Wambe sends an impi at daybreak to eat him up, because he has hunted before bringing hongo.
  • Also, he was always urging her to hurry and grow up, because he had a wedding present for her.
  • It was a nasty mix-up, because they used knives and we relied on hands and fists.
  • Yet I do not think I am quite worth the wealth and power which you have given up because of me.
  • He'd never be able to admit that he'd had to give it up because Cora Pryde made him!
  • Now, we don't want the pirates to give up because our boat is too fast for them.
  • The captain was hollering from the bridge to lower the boats as the ship would blow up because of the oil.
  • There's a new sort of loneliness sprung up because of the universal absorption in the war.
  • The chaparral has grown up because nothing was done at the proper time to foster reproduction over acres that had been cut.
  • Do you think that that hell-hole down yonder is goin' to shut up because we talk about it in meetin'?
  • If its temperature rises the process of evaporation can start up, because the capacity of the air for holding moisture has been increased.
  • Nor is it at all an exaggeration when I say that more than one home has been broken up because of this deplorable fact.
  • Murk relieved him on that point and threatened to beat him up because he intimated that Prale might do such a thing.
  • The direst penance Johnny can know is to have his pockets stitched up because he will keep his hands in them.
  • If it is only taken up because marriage has been a failure, or if it is pursued with a divided mind, they will always be behind-hand and inferior.
  • He hoped that the tentative date he'd made with her for that evening wouldn't be broken up because of a sudden onslaught of work.
  • Not long after autos and autos began to stream along from both directions, and were held up because she warned every one not to move the car.
  • Then one by one the large workshops were built up into factories, or were shut up because the factories could make goods at less cost.
  • When it began to be early morning, he left his house, he who went up, because it was his business to make the sun.
  • Staffer gave him good advice in a cynical, witty way; told him he must pull up because the pace was too hot for a lad.
  • But heat the coal in an enclosed vessel, say a big fireclay retort, and it cannot burn up because the oxygen of the air cannot get to it.
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