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  • Call me up if she comes or rings.
  • Let the sheep pile up if you have to.
  • It had to back up, if possible.
  • You will get me all mixed up, if you do.
  • Land knows where you might fetch up if you kept on!
  • Coadley can fix you up, if anybody can.
  • I have had more than that to set me up, if you but kenned.
  • You'll be locked up if you don't.
  • The world would look up if she were at the head of affairs.
  • The prize would build up if there was no one to claim it.
  • They'd have eaten him up if they'd had a chance.
  • Set 'em up if it'll make you feel more cheerful.
  • Go ahead, and smash yourself up, if you like!
  • They would shut him up if he persisted in his story....
  • Would Philip give it up if it were offered to him?
  • I offered to give you up, if necessary, to go to him.
  • He will not eat you up if you go to the camp, Dicksie.
  • Oh! but come, no nonsense, sit up, if you please.
  • I know I should get mixed up if I tried it with a boat.
  • Will you only walk up, if you please, Master Harry?
  • Will you walk up, if you please, Master Harry?
  • The New York boat was coming up, if I remember.
  • Rick intended to step in and break it up if that were the case.
  • I'll lock up if you like.
  • But don't let me keep you up if you are tired.
  • She certainly could not give herself up if there was no one to give up to!
  • The woolens ought to be put up if moths had already appeared.
  • But anyway you take it the jig's up if they want it to be.
  • It is those ideas which must be given up if a real change is to be made.
  • What's gained by giving up, if that is so?
  • It only proved how difficult it was to be grown up, if you began too late!
  • He did not think deeply and she quickly caught him up, if she desired to do so.
  • He might manage to swarm up if the trunk was inclined about forty-five degrees.
  • It only needs a little steady resolution; and you can call it up if you choose.
  • May bust the bank up, if they don't get the thieves.
  • In spite of what you say, you will catch us up if you make haste.
  • I always said you'd wake up if somebody give you a punch.
  • Look him up, if you still love me, and take him under your care.

How To Use Up If In A Sentence?

  • Do you think we could have the heart to keep it up, if it were not for the thought of you?
  • Consider, in what were you saved in what did you look up, if not whilst you were in the flesh?

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