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  • He held up two cards.
  • He drew up two chairs before the fire.
  • I went up two pair of stairs.
  • Vivian came up two seconds too late.
  • Please send up two hot-water bottles at once.
  • In a few moments they hold up two, complete.
  • A manservant carried up two flickering candles for us.
  • But the man wuz up two flights of stairs by this time.
  • He cast, and turned up two sixes.
  • Rob sprang up, two steps at a time.
  • They had laid up two hundred and fifty dollars apiece.
  • And the young major held up two one-dollar bills.
  • Such a work might fill up two neat pocket volumes.
  • The herder shook his head, and held up two fingers.
  • We scared up two lonely grouse, at long intervals.
  • Citizen Bonaparte put up two cannon.
  • The Haughts had put up two bear.
  • Its engineer held up two fingers to Ralph.
  • The footman, bringing a lamp, lit up two angry faces.
  • Wash it out, and dip it up two-thirds full of water, Don.
  • Are you going to be all night getting up two or three tents?
  • The waiter held up two fingers and escorted them to a table.
  • You can't hush up two husbands.
  • The bespectacled one held up two vials that he had taken from a pocket.
  • The cinch-strap of the brindle shave-tail is taken up two inches.
  • I understand that the price of sandals has gone up two hundred per cent.
  • In the dark he put up two fingers and sketched a robot-like grin.
  • Ned hunted up two large stones, and placed them a foot apart.
  • I put up two berths, which we filled with hay obtained from the prairies.
  • Stooping down, he caught up two figures in his arms, not one!
  • Up two flights of stairs she went, and looked at the clock on the landing.
  • With these we loaded up two 6 mule teams, and started for the mountain.
  • As the 3-pounder could not get on to these, we landed and blew up two.

How To Use Up Two In A Sentence?

  • In this way there grew up two distinct centers of colonial life in the province.
  • This is no place for a man to think of bringing up two such fine youngsters as you possess.
  • How long it would take him to round up two or three of them would depend on chance.
  • Schubert was standing in mid-square with a hundred askaris lined up two-deep in front of him.
  • Rub up two drops oil of cinnamon with an ounce of glycerine and add an ounce of castor oil.
  • He had already brought up two or three daughters, and was experienced in the ways of students.
  • Several regiments of field artillery have, in fact, had to give up two batteries.

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