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  • He can finish up what is left.
  • And when she looked up, what do you think she saw?
  • People must not dislike taking up what others have begun.
  • So many singers give up what they find hard.
  • They cleaned up what they could, and sneaked away.
  • Ay, exactly so; drink up what?
  • If he takes it up, what will his work be, and where?
  • You look up what Esteban was doing.
  • I cannot give up what I am trying to do.
  • Again the question came up, What will he do?
  • The Canadian stockholders put up what money they could.
  • You wait till I pick up what I want.
  • You take up what you have not laid down and reap what you have not sown.
  • He mixes up what he has heard and seen with what he imagines.
  • To give up what is most precious for the sake of the world is good.
  • Let's gather up what we can of her clothes and bury her.
  • And he fixed up what was the matter in that crazy haid of hisn.
  • The forenoons our scholars take up; what do we during the rest?
  • For you run great risk of spewing up what you have ill digested.
  • Then dusty winds and flooding rivers began to cover up what was left.
  • It would make them miserable for years and eat up what little money they have.
  • Fill up what is thus wasted with more brandy, and then close the jar tightly.
  • First they counted up what money they had, and figured how far it would go.
  • And even if he could cover up what had happened, how contemptible it would be!
  • If we hoard up what we have got, it certainly is not selling and giving alms.
  • Well, perhaps he had better stand by you, and then he may pick up what he can.
  • Said he'd think up what he'd have to do with me for punishment, over night.
  • Little birds flutter around the capital, picking up what crumbs they may.
  • He would save up what he brought in; he would put it in the savings-bank.
  • We ate up what meat we had left, and had great fun with the village big-wigs.
  • Ye've drunk up what ye had, and that was in America.

How To Use Up What In A Sentence?

  • He walked up what had once been a concrete path and was now an ornate flagstone path.
  • Between them the two subalterns brightened up what had threatened to be a dull evening.
  • The being loyal to what the generations tried to build up, what they demand of us.
  • If so, he had his mind all made up what he would do, and there was no time to be lost.
  • We hurried down the ladder to gobble up what was left of the cornbeef and potatoes....
  • It ends by mixing up what relates to the organisation and adminstration of the two Republics.
  • So it seams to me as you ouht to find Snowdon and make him pay up what he ose you.
  • A long course wastes much tissue, and it takes a day or two to feed up what they have wasted.
  • In these days his powers would be held in reserve to write up what others should discover....
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