Upbringing In A Sentence

Definition of Upbringing

The traits acquired during one's childhood training | The raising or training of a child.

How To Use Upbringing In A Sentence?

  • For her irregular birth he had contempt and for her haphazard upbringing only pity.
  • The care and upbringing of the children depend upon her faithfulness, not on his.
  • She brought out as near an apology for intruding, as her phraseless upbringing would permit her.
  • Of course he was not, in his upbringing or experience, like other young men whom they had known.
  • An upbringing in a Dundee "pend" had not acquainted her with shame as an attendant upon sin.
  • Fathers might now have taken a lesson from T. Sandys in the upbringing of their daughters.
  • I used to speculate on what primitive sort of an upbringing he had that he was so slow to adopt the most ordinary civilized customs.
  • The contrast between the circumstances and the upbringing of the two girls could not, however, have been stronger.
  • Yet so sweet was the gentle nature which the girl had inherited from her mother, that this strange upbringing never spoiled her in the least.
  • The rebellion in his own blood against the fine instinct of his Quaker faith and upbringing made him grasp the personality before him.
  • And the traditions of her upbringing were such that the real, vital things, the things that mattered, were never mentioned in her presence.
  • In these dim grey days my courage fell, and it took all the consolations of philosophy, all my breeding and manly upbringing to keep up my heart.
  • His Majesty also left a thousand crowns, which were to be utilized in the education and general upbringing of the child.
  • Leighton received, to say the least, a stern upbringing from his father, mitigated, however, by the greatest tenderness from his mother.
  • And, later, the upbringing of a large family, though its advent made life the more worth living, involved a heavy strain.
  • For a few seconds Courtnay tried fighting, but his upbringing in France had not fitted him to cope with a heavy bull-terrier.
  • He was perhaps aware in the background of his mind that exuberance was a note to be watchful of; his upbringing and the standards it had inculcated had made him careful to prune himself.
  • But she was interested in and curious about the people she had met in life, and her talk of them reflected a considerable amount of light upon her own upbringing and experiences.
  • If Kautsky desires to say in his book that a democratic upbringing has not weakened the class egoism of the bourgeoisie, this can be admitted without further parley.
  • In other respects their upbringing was what one would naturally expect in a Yorkshire country-house, where politics were judiciously blended with fox-hunting.
  • Harriet the invalid wrung her hands, and said that if only she had not been tied to a sofa my upbringing would have been so different, that I should not have wished to leave them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Upbringing | Upbringing Sentence

  • What a strange upbringing for a girl!
  • Such was the early upbringing of the missionary king.
  • Again the code of her upbringing banished her momentary hesitation.
  • Mark and John pass by the birth and upbringing of Jesus in silence.
  • Kosciuszko's upbringing was of the simplest and most salutary description.

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