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  • Another upheaval followed.
  • Meantime the contemplated upheaval had occurred in Spain.
  • In 1900 there occurred the wild upheaval of the Boxers.
  • A great upheaval of English society is beginning.
  • Only an upheaval of that kind makes any difference in the essential things.
  • Imagine the tumult that this upheaval caused to the rest of Europe.
  • In pre-Revolutionary America such an upheaval was near at hand.
  • Don't you remember the great upheaval on the Dalmatian littoral two years ago?

How To Use Upheaval In A Sentence?

  • He regretted nothing at this stage of what had transpired after the upheaval came.
  • No country at any time has ever seen a political upheaval more sudden and more thoroughgoing.
  • The love and admiration of a man are to such things a vast upheaval of the depths of the ocean.
  • In the upheaval these subterranean creek beds were hoisted and thrown towards the surface.
  • When a natural upheaval or a tidal wave threatened them, they fled from it in harmony.
  • At first the upheaval of the earth was gradual, but in a few seconds it increased in intensity.
  • It lay far out in the sea, and was surrounded by a great upheaval of jagged and broken ice.
  • This upheaval in the South, according to an investigator, will be helpful to all.
  • Even today we witness an upheaval in the Balkans, a war of religious prejudice.
  • And within the last few weeks the (September 1920) fourth upheaval has taken place.
  • A Vesuvius in miniature was created by such an upheaval at Bryant and Eighth streets.
  • It came to be the scientific belief that some geologic upheaval had altered the contour of the coast.
  • Many hearts are deeply anxious for friends who are in the midst of this upheaval and whose lives are threatened.
  • Physical and chemical phenomena are concerned in the upheaval of rocks and mountains which govern the contour of the continents of the world.
  • It is probable that they would have observed with less surprise any miraculous upheaval in the orderly phenomena of nature.
  • Adelle sighed as she listened to the torrent of eloquence and realized what an upheaval her simple act of restitution would cause.
  • He saw the whole career of the greatest political upheaval and of the greatest military genius of the modern world.
  • Life was a long business, not limited by the fiery upheaval which was shaking the foundations of social order.
  • In short, each successive upheaval brings nearer the day when civilian supremacy will be established.
  • It seemed as though some dramatic upheaval must take place, the mountains fall down into their own shadows.
  • A sudden upheaval of the monstrous mass spewed forth an object that bounced a moment on the rippling surface and then was lost to view.
  • To this particular explosion, too, it seems safe to assign the upheaval which excited a tidal wave.
  • In the midst of his mental upheaval the lights mercifully went down and the curtain up, so that much of his emotion passed unnoticed.
  • No earthquake upheaval can shake the determined will of the unconquerable American to recover from disaster.
  • I do not perceive in England the slightest possibility of catastrophe or any serious likelihood of a general upheaval of society.
  • Some old upheaval had undoubtedly lifted beach, vessel, and all to this altitude above the tides, and left it there to decay.
  • There was an upheaval of the sea just ahead; then slowly, majestically, the vast body of our foe rose into the air.
  • They found the defect, fired the train anew, and soon a terrible upheaval of earth gave the signal to march to victory.
  • Out of this fixed belief she had been jolted by the upheaval that placed her on a level with Sir George.
  • There was a thrashing and upheaval and the Indian threw a half-grown alligator upon the bank and dispatched it with a blow from his camp ax.
  • The stubborn Ferdinand was therefore summoned once more, and charged with having instigated the upheaval of Madrid.
  • The whole of this coast has been spoiled by the recent upheaval of Monte Nuovo with its lava floods and cindery deluges.

Definition of Upheaval

The process of being heaved upward, especially the raising of part of the earth's crust. | A sudden violent upset, disruption or convulsion.
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