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  • Nature is upheld by antagonism.
  • Her white arms were upheld in a gesture of entreaty.
  • On the other hand, militarism is upheld by autocracy.
  • He was qualmish, but his Saga of triumph upheld him.
  • Autocracy is upheld by militarism, and militarism means strife.
  • A strange power upheld her, and she now sought her couch and tried to think.
  • These ladies alone upheld the honour of the great name of France.
  • As a Sixth Form boy he upheld authority, laughing the while in his sleeve.
  • She said Miss Fanny had upheld another little girl who called Sadie a Heretic.

How To Use Upheld In A Sentence?

  • For us they are marvelous celestial birds hovering in the ether, upheld by invisible wings.
  • The flat roof is upheld by three cross beams, supported in the centre by three columns.
  • But this hundred and fifty thousand upheld the Eastern empire for a thousand years.
  • In matters of controversy or dispute, Washington upheld a perfectly impartial attitude.
  • As when it once upheld the fortress proud, Now gone, like its own morning cap of cloud?
  • The Shriek, who is a man of enlightenment, has consistently upheld the principles of Free Trade.
  • And her parents upheld her, saying she had been brought up a lady and must have wine when she wished it.
  • Yet this excellent man did not imagine for a moment that he upheld a scheme which is at war with the great moral interests of the world.
  • Pillars here and there upheld the roof, which was bare to the beams, and also dressed with garlands.
  • The mobile waves of public opinion no longer upheld the tyrants overthrown by the accomplices who had now become their enemies.
  • They have been upheld and nourished through life, both physically and mentally, by legions of workers and craftsmen of all sorts.
  • Is international good faith only an empty phrase, or is it a magnificent reality in the moral world to be upheld at any cost?
  • The monitress had no sympathy with lawlessness, and preferred girls who upheld the school rules, instead of breaking them.
  • In her works she upheld the purity of ideal love, exposing the questionable and selfish designs of the clever professional seducers.
  • In her works she upheld the purity of ideal love, exposing the questionable and selfish designs of the clever professional seducers.
  • Two delicate children are upheld in enormous possessions and vast power, while millions of fellow beings are suffered to remain in destitution.
  • A hundred, a thousand good deeds and enterprises could be carried out and upheld with the money this old woman has bequeathed to a monastery.
  • The result is that every plat is upheld on its lower side, and usually on one or both ends, by a terrace wall.
  • He wished to verify, upon the spot, a theory which he had long upheld in spite of the adverse opinions of the majority of egyptologists.
  • He knew that in action he should be in mortal dread; but he knew too that, upheld by duty, he would nevertheless be always in the van.
  • It exhibits the wonders, which unremitted study, upheld by the pure and noble ambition of doing good, can accomplish in the space of a short life.
  • Aenesidemus, in his eight Tropes against aetiology, shows the absurdity of the doctrine of causality when upheld on materialistic grounds.
  • This time the bullet knocked it spinning off the rifle barrel which upheld it; and in a flash Garth understood how neatly they were fooling him.
  • As each resolutely upheld his own scheme, the emperor himself fitted out a squadron of five ships, and appointed Magellan to the command.
  • This had already been accomplished in France, and for that reason the peasantry and the townsfolk upheld the Empire.
  • They will honestly believe that they themselves originally created and since then have upheld the easy life into which they were bought at so heavy a price.
  • Laws do not execute themselves, and in such a state of things they cannot be effectually executed if the violation of them is upheld by public sentiment.
  • Still, it is not unruliness, this protest of a young and independent spirit against the slavishness now and then upheld in certain forms of literature.
  • In his worst moments he never swore before ladies, and in his best he remembered what was due them and upheld their honour and position with fervour.
  • She powerfully upheld the cause of morality, was a liberal patroness of education and learning, and all aspiring geniuses were encouraged and financially aided by her.
  • Patriotism and religion are one, the offices of worship are upheld by the whole power of the state, and the gods speak with new authority to the spirit of the worshipper.

Definition of Upheld

simple past tense and past participle of uphold
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