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  • The abbot upholds them.
  • Severity upholds both realm and rule.
  • Patience is virtue, patience fame: Patience upholds this earthly frame.
  • It upholds slavery--it sanctions polygamy.

How To Use Upholds In A Sentence?

  • God has superhuman force, and if He upholds it by an arm we cannot see, He will break no law.
  • For my part, I never will, I never can, worship a God who upholds the institution of slavery.
  • It is not vanity which upholds a man working silently year after year at a task ridiculed by his neighbors and denounced by his enemies.
  • It should be observed, first of all, that neither of these two doctrines upholds the rights of particular groups of wage earners.
  • The horse upholds his rider, so will she Career in triumph o'er the watery brawl.
  • She had not even that, by no means repellent, secondary egoism which upholds us in doing ungrateful things that abstract good may follow.
  • Yet Allah is also felt by some to keep them back from robbery; he powerfully upholds the moral standards which have been reached.
  • The fault does not rest so much with the poor unfortunate females as with the diabolical system which openly tolerates and religiously upholds polygamy.
  • Ay," muttered he, "each nobly upholds the other; it is opposing a hollow square to fortune: so long as they stand firm and together, well!
  • It upholds the idea of national honor in its ancient forms as related to private honor; it provides the great number of diplomatic and decorative officers.
  • A series of elaborate vaulting springs from the main supports of the structure, and upholds to the rood loft, which projects over the top of the screen.
  • It upholds lying, larceny, robbery, murder, the selling of diseased meat to strangers, and even the sacrifice of human beings to Jehovah.
  • And though the abiding sense of duty upholds man in his highest attitudes, it also equally sustains him in the transaction of the ordinary affairs of every-day existence.
  • The All-enfolder, The All-upholder, Enfolds, upholds He not Thee, me, Himself?
  • May this infinite love which upholds us, strengthens us, and leads us all to a better life, preserve, dear Karl, your courage and firmness.
  • In the one aspect, it upholds and preserves all things; in the other, it controls and overrules all things for the accomplishment of the Divine will.

Definition of Upholds

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of uphold
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