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Definition of Upper

At a higher level, rank or position. | Situated on higher ground, further inland, or more northerly. | (geology, of strata or geological time periods) younger, more recent

How To Use Upper In A Sentence?

  • Any electric signal has upper and lower limits of current between which it is to be actuated.
  • The upper few inches of soil is humus rich in organic matter; below this is clay.
  • Captain Griffiths had leaned back in his chair and was caressing his upper lip.
  • The response from the middle, "upper-middle" and upper classes was particularly buoyant.
  • My limited observations on this anole suggest that it is an inhabitant of the upper levels of the forest.
  • Frequently the upper edges of the jars are coated by dipping in hot paraffin wax in the hope of preventing this.
  • In the upper portion of the circle of the base is shown a small condenser which is placed in the talking circuit in series with the receiver.
  • It was some weeks before we prevailed upon the prison commandant to replace with wood the broken-out glass in the upper rooms.
  • The talking apparatus is associated with the two upper contacts of the hook switch in the usual manner and needs no further description.
  • This instrument was ordinarily mounted in a wooden box together with the induction coil, which is shown in the upper portion of the figure.
  • The usual night-alarm attachment is provided, the buzzer being shown at the upper right-hand portion of the cabinet.
  • He made all officers of the lower room move for a half-hour into the upper room, and there fall in line with the rest.
  • With his table-knife saw he cut a hole about two feet square in the floor near the northeast corner of the upper room.
  • Besides, the upper is all the time recruited from the wealthy middle; the union of aristocracy and plutocracy may be said to be complete.
  • One of the chief characteristics of the walrus is the presence of two elongated tusks (the canine teeth) in the upper jaw.
  • They were up on the cedar ridges of the mountains now, driving down wild steers from the upper pastures, and a woman was as good as a man.
  • The zinc electrode usually consisted merely in a rod of zinc, as shown, with a suitable terminal at its upper end.
  • At the upper portion of the box there is mounted the hook switch, this being, in this case, of the short lever type.
  • There was no face to be seen, however; and in the house directly opposite, one of the upper blinds was drawn down.
  • In the midst of my triumph I observed a little knot gathering together in the upper part of the room.
  • He looked ten years older; the color of his hair was changed, and a fine mustache adorned his upper lip.
  • She was tall and very thin, with a perfect complexion, a long nose, and a short upper lip which showed her teeth too much when she laughed.
  • I had studied some about him earlier in the day; enough so that I had thrown a piece of poisoned meat near the upper trail.
  • The upper end of the carbon block is soaked in paraffin so hot as to drive all of the moisture out of the paraffin and out of the pores of the block itself.
  • They were mostly priests and nuns, and persons of the lower orders, but I observed also some who appeared to belong to the upper classes.
  • Was poor old Jane the first member of the Malmaison line who had shown any special weakness or peculiarity in the upper story?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Upper | Upper Sentence

  • Lively in the upper octave.
  • Catharine took the upper end of the table.
  • In all the upper plane is slightly staggered.
  • Your upper class villains are always prepossessing.
  • The extra span of the upper plane is also of interest.
  • Gnome, mounted just under and forward of the upper wing.
  • Mrs. Wilson was going to the upper boxes.
  • As he read, his long, upper teeth closed in upon his lip.
  • Station A the upper conductor, Fig.
  • Most frequently these are in the trees in the upper and middle strata.
  • I've got the upper hand now.
  • Returning to the Upper Rhine, he was again opposed to Montecuculi.
  • Frank and Randy kept the upper part of the man's body out of the water.
  • HANSON, Reginald, Esq., 43, Upper Harley Street.

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