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  • Has the upstart such taste?
  • Man is no upstart in the creation.
  • I'll run the impudent upstart through for that.
  • She thought the airs the little upstart gave herself were intolerable.
  • You are like all the little upstart reformers, filled with conceit of course.
  • That Francesco was an upstart was no longer a matter of surmise with him.
  • A French word meaning an upstart who tries to force himself into good society.
  • Frejus shopkeepers suffer from the proximity of the upstart St. Raphael.

How To Use Upstart In A Sentence?

  • Why should he look like that, when only the honour of that little upstart is in question?
  • This autocratic young upstart had broken into the house and nearly stepped on her pet.
  • Have they asked him to gird up his loins and hire halls and smite the upstart hip and thigh?
  • Royal or imperial designs had long since brought one military upstart to grief.
  • But what if a product as good as the iPod were being developed now by some upstart company?
  • Put all the rates back because this upstart politician Crewe is making a noise?
  • They must all have wings, forsooth, now, every new upstart sort of bird, and fly.
  • A Lion, I mean, of the genuine breed, And not a thin-skinned and upstart adolescent.
  • No, I never yet called Henry Graham by that upstart mercantile name, and I never will.
  • He was denounced as an upstart and a demagogue, whose low origin placed him far beneath the notice of gentlemen.
  • The upstart computer game company pinning its hopes and its capital on a single new game would tell you the same thing.
  • It was the idea of change, a new and upstart master in her father's place, which tortured her.
  • An upstart impresario brought over from Germany a production in which form and design had broken down naturalism.
  • Any such entreaty, coming from an upstart of a girl printer, would have been like a lamb bleating at a blizzard.
  • Now this young upstart comes around and absolutely lectures us who have always been gentlemen, and our fathers before us, on gentlemanliness.
  • Know you not that this upstart courtier has dared to love your sister Margaret, and that the foolish woman returns his presumptuous passion?
  • Rome disdains to this day to listen to the ill-bred son of a peasant, the theological upstart Luther, and remains as filthy as she has been.
  • In short, I bring our young upstart to his bearings, not only by a set and serious speech, but also by repartees of this sort.
  • But Stepan Mihailovitch disliked Kalpinsky, both as an upstart and also as an unbeliever and loose-liver.
  • She had a Roman nose and talked about the Norman Conquest, which in the view of her family was a very upstart affair.
  • He inclined his head slightly, shame blazing red in his cheeks, that he should be thus reproved before Fortemani and that upstart Francesco.
  • Her father grew red of face and swore that the upstart should never again put foot upon the place, at which she informed him that his remarks were uncalled for and his energy wasted.
  • If station agents all along the line were allowed to send telegrams every seditious upstart would take advantage of it and they'd have more trouble than they've got now.
  • Man came, Evolutional upstart one, With the gift of giving a name To everything under the sun.
  • You will only see dusty, upstart towns, with horrible corrugated-iron hotels, where you will swelter in heat and flies and eat abominable tinned stuffs.

Definition of Upstart

Acting like a parvenu. | self-important and presumptuous. | to rise suddenly, to spring

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