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  • But in 1820 it had been found that Uranus was too far from the sun, and too much accelerated.
  • The place of Uranus had been mapped for nearly one hundred years by these accidental observations.
  • As to Uranus and Neptune, we are invisible there, at least to eyes constructed like our own.
  • He discovered the planet Uranus and six satellites, besides two satellites of Saturn.
  • The outlying realms beyond Saturn yielded the planet Uranus in 1781, and Neptune in 1846.
  • Certainly Uranus was following his orbit under the centripetal and centrifugal laws in the same manner as the other planets.
  • Now during regular observations of the position of Uranus in space, some inexplicable irregularities were soon perceived.
  • How Neptune or Uranus could throw their moons backward from its equator is not easily accounted for.
  • Men who discovered Neptune by the perturbations of Uranus are capable of judging the cause of the perturbations of suns.
  • After 1822, Neptune, in passing from E to D, had been retarding Uranus in his orbit from B to A.
  • Their satellites, with the exception of those of Uranus and Neptune, perform their revolutions in obedience to the same law.
  • After that event Bode suggested that it was possible other astronomers had observed Uranus before, without recognizing it as a planet.
  • A glance suffices to show that not only Mars but Uranus also has shifted its position with respect to the three immovable stars.
  • When near opposition, Uranus looks as bright as a sixth-magnitude star, and can be easily detected with the naked eye when its position is known.
  • It was soon discovered that both Leverrier and Adams had been favored by chance in indicating the field of space where Uranus was found.
  • Unlike the orbits of the foregoing satellites, which are nearly in the same plane as the orbits of their primaries, those of the satellites of Uranus are almost perpendicular to his own.
  • The elder dynasties of Greek gods, Uranus and Cronos, with their adventures and their fall, have already been examined.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Uranus | Uranus Sentence

  • The satellites of Uranus are retrograde.
  • The orbit of Uranus was thought to circumscribe the whole.
  • Phoebe was daughter of Uranus and Ge.
  • Both Neptune and Uranus are probably dying suns.
  • The error of Uranus still amounted to less than two minutes.
  • Like the children of Uranus and Gaea, they murmured at the darkness.
  • The planet Uranus at first bore the name of Herschel, from its discoverer.
  • Themis was daughter of Uranus and Ge, and, therefore, sister of Phoebe.
  • Son of Uranus and Vesta, Saturn was the God of Time and Fate.
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