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  • Smirt; an urbane nightmare, by Branch Cabell.
  • The Urbane Old Gentleman looked about him for a seat.
  • Markart delivered his message with his usual urbane simplicity.
  • The Prophet followed at her slender heels, gently waving an urbane tail.
  • The Urbane Old Gentleman came forward with his hat in his hand.
  • From that day forth, the Urbane Old Gentleman was a daily visitor.
  • At the end of the hour, the Urbane Old Gentleman rose urbanely.

How To Use Urbane In A Sentence?

  • They differed altogether on this point, but quarrelled over it in the most urbane manner possible.
  • However, the count was very urbane with the old cavalryman, and thanked him for his hospitality.
  • Mr. Harrington Surtaine, wearing an expression both businesslike and urbane stood in the doorway.
  • The imperturbable celestial showed not the slightest sign of surprise at finding her there, and merely greeted her with his usual urbane smile.
  • They have none of the courteous civility, none of the urbane gentleness of the peninsular Italians.
  • Finally, Horace's urbane and chatty style is as suitable for other subjects as it is for poetry.
  • The Rosecarrel butler was less urbane than his brother at Alderwood and the opportunity for private conversation was lacking.
  • And now they were alike only in their long, graceful figures, in their thin Roman features, in their general air of urbane distinction.
  • I only sound the clarion," said the urbane master-gardener of an earlier day, "but I enter not into the battle.
  • Never has the demand for an elegant deportment and urbane manners in our great shops and stores been more clamant; never has the standard been higher.
  • I was really grieved, for I had grown to like the urbane old gentleman, as I had grown to like the cantankerous old lady.
  • The young man's tact, his deference, his urbane insistence, won a concession from Mrs. Cleve.
  • The Urbane Old Gentleman leant back in his easy chair, and began dictating from his notes with tantalising deliberateness.
  • The well-bred waiters, whose duty it was to be surprised at nothing, were evidently astonished at these signs of agitation in the most urbane and reposeful visitor at the club-rooms.
  • But the smile still lingered about his mouth, and as he settled himself on his pillows, like one who rests, the spectators were struck by the urbane and distinguished beauty of his aspect.

Definition of Urbane

(of a man) Courteous, polite, refined, and suave.
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