Urgency In A Sentence

How To Use Urgency In A Sentence?

  • The urgency of man and the timidity of woman are tempered by the period of courtship.
  • Her arguments might have sounded silly but for their urgency to convince, and her pleading eyes.
  • It was a very fast train, too; and growing in importance and thickening in its urgency of speed.
  • The face already had large purple spots, which showed the urgency of completing the embalming.
  • He quickly crossed himself and redoubled the urgency of his protestations to God.
  • The gentleman, on hearing the urgency of the case, consented to visit the sick woman.
  • But even Preston sometimes lost sight of me in the urgency of his own pleasure or business.
  • What is the urgency that oppresses you, Ozias, and why are you troubled in the hour of triumph?
  • His urgency attracted the attention of Berthier, and he was seized by General Rapp.
  • All the trouble about that date had disappeared out of her mind in the stress and urgency of other things.
  • It was irritating not to be able to explore the inner land, but our urgency was too great for that.
  • Others had followed because it is the instinct of cattle to join their running fellows in whatever crazed urgency they feel.
  • Raven had just got to his house when the message was telephoned up from the station, and its urgency made him horribly anxious.
  • The urgency of the moment will not permit a formal confession, and you therefore need only subscribe to these articles.
  • The urgency of retrieving his mistake kept him calm and cool, prompting him to reply with assumed indifference.
  • It is a question of urgency in rural as well as in urban districts, in the most remote places equally with the great cities.
  • This he tells his monks, exhorting them with urgency to be true to the teaching and the order, and to shed the light abroad.
  • Evidently inspired by the urgency of the situation, the Company determined to surpass all performances.
  • Thus it came about that she did not see Miss Letitia until she had all but knocked her down in the urgency of her flight.
  • But the growing passion and urgency of her voice seemed to shut Karen more closely in upon herself rather than sweep her into impulsive confidence.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Urgency | Urgency Sentence

  • There was an undercurrent of urgency in his tone.
  • There is a unique urgency about life.
  • Besides, was there any urgency for my departure?
  • On the other side the urgency was becoming acute.
  • A sense of urgency was pressing upon him.
  • The matter was of such urgency he could not refrain.
  • Surely not, when the urgency of my wants was explained.
  • There is the urgency of life in fields long idle.
  • And the strength, the drugging urgency of the passion!
  • The urgency struck home and Jason started to run.
  • No one talked now and there was a fierce urgency in their movements.
  • Scotty sensed the urgency of the call and jumped into the doorway.
  • She would beseech him with such urgency that he could not refuse.
  • The urgency of the case called for a bold and decisive remedy.
  • And the urgency of life requires the individual to pass such judgments.
  • Indeed, the very urgency of these problems is due to metaphysical absolutism.
  • Some time before the doors opened a growing urgency began to make itself felt.
  • The present political situation in India adds special urgency to the case.
  • I've grown, I think, since those days out of the urgency of that apprehension.
  • There was no urgency in Mrs. Talcott's voice and no pathos of retrospect.

Definition of Urgency

The quality or condition of being urgent | insistence, pressure
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