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How To Use Us Something In A Sentence?

  • But you promised to show us something that might explain about the missing money box.
  • Why did he not tell us something of the rights of man, of the liberty of hand and brain?
  • These birds are now practically wild, and give us something like sport to shoot them.
  • Each new task teaches us something new, and something more than the mere way to do it.
  • We all pitying the case of the poor man, gave him each of us something, and departed.
  • But it was good practice, for it showed us something of what a hand-to-hand struggle meant.
  • Is earth too poor to give us Something to live for here that shall outlive us?
  • Always Africa is giving us something new or some metempsychosis of a world-old thing.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Us Something | Us Something Sentence

  • It will cost us something.
  • That tells us something!
  • Somebody will certainly send us something.
  • And then get us something to eat.
  • It gives us something to do with our hands.
  • To-morrow will tell us something.
  • Ere, tell us something.
  • Browning has told us something worth remembering.
  • The test with the brick already tells us something.
  • It will give us something to talk about in future years.
  • Pass the cheroots and bring us something cold to drink.
  • And we asked that one might give us something to eat.
  • That wooden god he brought home tells us something.
  • Jan, you can come and get us something to eat, too.
  • Do they not teach us something of the system of Nature?
  • Tell us something more about Mary Helen.
  • The future, I fear, will teach us something different.
  • The difficulty is that evil appears to us something irrational.
  • There must always be above us something better than our best.
  • Charity takes from us something in order to give it to our fellow-men.
  • Nikolai's telling us something mighty interesting.
  • I have a hunch he may show us something that will have an important bearing.
  • And why didn't you write us something besides postals?
  • But won't you give us something else?
  • Tell us something that you have not seen, but only heard tell of.
  • From us something may be learnt, by every spirit of this age.
  • While we were looking about, a little girl came up and asked us something.
  • But life should surely give us something first, before it begins to take away.
  • The weather, however, did its best to give us something to think about.
  • But he might tell us something about Telworthy's plans.
  • I do feel that the Urquharts owe us something, for the sake of the connexion.
  • Can you get us something to wear, waiter? WAITER.
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