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  • The popular usage is here adopted.
  • Antiquity of usage is sanction enough.
  • Our land doth no such usage know.
  • Hyphenation and accent usage have been made consistent.
  • Standard usage in English.
  • Tel est le commun usage de la langue Francoyse.
  • It was not the usage of Casa Guinigi to notice Enrica.
  • Other divergencies of usage may perhaps deserve a passing word.
  • In these respects, therefore, the more modern usage has been followed.
  • Of the antiquity of this usage we have evidence in Genesis xxxviii.
  • Mais ce moyen puissant ne peut être mis en usage sans des secours étrangers.
  • Système de développement en usage dans la construction de la carte de France.
  • Have much advaunc'd our reputation, In having but their usage for a time.

How To Use Usage In A Sentence?

  • How did it come about that this more humane usage was in the present war departed from?
  • Being immediately blindfolded, he could only surmise that her usage was of a similar nature.
  • For the titles of literary works, scholarly usage prefers italics with capitalized initials.
  • Lincoln was a constitutional President with strictly limited powers, bound by usage and precedent.
  • If Hor or Horus was the sun at his height, he too had suffered despiteful usage from his enemies.
  • He who opposed the aforesaid usage did not escape death, which was inflicted on him with rigor and without recourse.
  • The best usage is to deem that the primary saline compound, which contains a single proportional of acid and base.
  • This is also the usage of the Government Printing Office and of the Oxford University Press.
  • The very stone of the wall, and the beam of the roof cried out against the hard and untender usage that had laid the sanctuary low.
  • We shall now proceed according to the ancient usage to constitute these brethren into a regular Lodge.
  • In all probability the superstition is derived from the fact that salt, from its usage in ancient sacrificial rites, was once regarded as sacred.
  • He, be it remembered, had been spared the hard usage of the waves, and his clothing was better adapted to existing conditions.
  • A whimsical story is told of a King who denied to poets those rewards to which usage had almost given them a claim.
  • But my toilet was finished, I had nothing more to do of those things consecrated by usage and which leave you no option.
  • For ancient usage held that all "freemen" should have a voice in the elections, have equal right to say who the lawmakers and what the law.
  • The stable of the King is deemed one of the most sacred of sanctuaries, and this usage continues in force to the present time.
  • Standard usage in English; standards of capitalization and sentence structure required of all classes in the university high school.
  • Since such usage is inconsistent, even for the same name, and the number of instances are few, the "oe" ligatures have not been retained.
  • Je ne les dissipai point follement; j'en fis un usage qui m'attira l'estime de tout le monde.
  • Can it tranquilly coexist with them, and be content to see them occupy the scope which English traditions and English usage have secured for them?
  • Every word that is what I would call 'low,' ought to be avoided, and phrases far removed from plebeian usage should be chosen.
  • All these priests and colleges exist for no end but to carry out with strict exactitude the ritual usage which is deemed necessary to keep on good terms with the gods.

Definition of Usage

The manner or the amount of using; use. | Habit or accepted practice. | (lexicography) The ways and contexts in which spoken and written words are used, determined by a lexicographer's intuition or from corpus analysis.
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