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How To Use Use One In A Sentence?

  • Discard the baking powder and use one level teaspoonful of baking soda for each cup of sour milk.
  • Use one-half cup of finely chopped stuffed olives to one cup of mayonnaise dressing.
  • To three cups of the quartered beets use one and one-half cups of cream dressing.
  • So if you are using one-quarter cup of rice you would use one and one-quarter cups of water.
  • If you'd use one grain of common sense you'd get on with her as well as the rest of the fellows.
  • In other words, it was, to use one of the most offensive words in the language, occupied.
  • Now, when using this fat, use one-third less than the amount called for in the recipe.
  • To wash the pie use one-half of beaten egg, using the balance in the chicken filling.
  • Use one cup to about three pounds of flour, or one quart of liquid, when setting sponge for bread.
  • Sometimes I use one touch in one voice and an entirely different touch in another voice.
  • I think I shall use one of my books to make a list in of what I want to read during this year.
  • To use one of those bridges as a means of entering the headquarters would be entirely too conspicuous.
  • However, on the present occasion he only had occasion to use one of the many facts with which he was acquainted.
  • In those days it was a common practice in telegraphy to use one battery for a great number of lines.
  • Thus early do we find in use one of the least ineffective of modern measures for correcting this evil.
  • You may use one or all of the elements of your vocal vocabulary to bring out the thought of a single phrase.
  • Mix by rubbing between the hands and then use one large egg and five tablespoons of water to make a dough.
  • Somebody who either didn't know how to use one or didn't care what happened had used a mind-probe on her.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Use One | Use One Sentence

  • She can use one fore-arm a little.
  • Normally it would not use one-half this capacity.
  • He meant to use one, too.
  • The matron of the prison had besought her to use one.
  • Use one and one-half pounds of mincemeat to fill.
  • There is no use; one must see it to believe it.
  • It was not Lennox to use one.
  • I sure could use one myself, I knew.
  • I use one of my own construction that is cheap and serviceable.
  • If he has friends, he will use one of them in place of the penny.
  • Place in a bottle and use one teaspoon of this mixture in place of salt.
  • The man who could call a spade a spade should be compelled to use one.
  • Use one level teaspoon of tea to each one-half pint of water.
  • Use one tablespoonful of coffee to a cup, and one for the pot.
  • When mixing sponge use one quart liquid to about three pounds of flour.
  • Never use one spot on the stone, however narrow the tool may be.
  • There are many just acts, but only one justice, since we use one word for it.
  • For topworking larger stocks I use one of the forms of bark graft.
  • I don't believe I ever heard of a Washo use one.
  • To use one of your expressions, they take on a /'So what?/' attitude.
  • There were half-a-dozen bedrooms in the Embassy, and I must use one of them.
  • TO USE Use one and one-half cups of this mixture in place of the yeast cake.
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