Use Your In A Sentence

How To Use Use Your In A Sentence?

  • Use your talent nobly, not ignobly, Ames.
  • You, then, William, continue to use your eyes.
  • You, Mr. Oliver, can use your own judgment.
  • Then wisely use your Treasure, Refusing, still comply.
  • Use your brain.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Use Your | Use Your Sentence

  • Use your imagination.
  • Use your intelligence.
  • Use your own judgment.
  • Use your eyes and see!
  • Learn to use your talents.
  • Use your brains more than your throat.
  • Do you not use your senses?
  • Use your abdominal muscles.
  • Above all, use your will.
  • Use your alcohol stove during the day.
  • Use your strongest language with regard to that.
  • Use your eye as a physical sense only.
  • Perhaps you would let me use your desk.
  • Use your reason, and figure it out for yourself.
  • Turn round and use your strength the other way.
  • Use your first aid, now.
  • Turn round and use your strength the other way.
  • My dear, use your handkerchief!
  • Obey, but use your intelligence in your obedience.
  • Never use your own knife or fork to help another.
  • Young warrior, use your liberty.
  • Just use your speaking muscles without speaking.
  • I want to use your ready wit just now for a few minutes.
  • Use your brain, and always know what you are trying to do.
  • Use your revolver then, only make sure of his head.
  • It is of no use your shaking your head, for it is true.
  • I want you to listen to your voice, and use your brain.
  • Feint him; use your legs; draw him about.
  • I shall constrain you in nothing: use your good liking.
  • When you see one of the enemy at a window, use your rifle.
  • Now you can use your learning, your wisdom, your oratory.
  • Use your map and, if possible, learn the region by heart.
  • Use your interest with Frank, now.
  • Use your brains, Sylvia.
  • You should really use your authority, Florent.
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