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  • I pay the price of usurpation for all!
  • Popes, usurpation of, 234-235; Gustavus fears, 238-239.
  • I will not witness the usurpation of my son's rights!
  • The Czar will see in your usurpation an affront to his dignity.

How To Use Usurpation In A Sentence?

  • But this usurpation of her rights and privileges was more than the younger one could bear.
  • During his usurpation of Rieka this man had done his country grievous harm.
  • Le phishing désigne l'ensemble des arnaques basées sur une usurpation d'identité.
  • She had no complaint to make now of the usurpation of her authority or the lack of actual executive service that was required of her.
  • It is difficult to justify such an act as usurpation and military tyranny by the standard of an immutable morality.
  • But in this worthy aim we have to steer clear of many quicksands; we must avoid the very semblance of usurpation or imitation.
  • The usurpation of a discretionary and illegal power was clear, but nothing could be done without it, everything with it.
  • Germany had the excuse of prior European aggressions, and in turn her usurpation was the precedent for further foreign rape.
  • I believe that Persigny had a two-fold mission: it was a question of facilitating the usurpation at home and an extension of territory abroad.
  • The laws were not a mockery, as in republican Borne, where demagogues had the ascendency, and prepared the way for usurpation and tyranny.
  • Had not they the same right to expansion and to the usurpation of the territory and to the treasures of their neighbors that every weed in the fields and even the vermin of the soil and the air have?
  • They boast that they operated their usurpation rather by terror than by force, and that a few seasonable murders have prevented the bloodshed of many battles.
  • His aspect was gloomy as he received this symbol of successful ambition, for the mass of the people was silent and he was uneasy at the usurpation of a privilege which was not his birthright.
  • This is the usurpation that I have charged upon him, but not upon the Republican Party of former days.
  • They find that in such designs they fall at best into a secondary rank, and others take the place and lead in usurpation which they are not qualified to obtain or to hold.
  • We can watch our very rulers, and have the means in our hands of curbing usurpation of power or infringements of rights by the privilege we can exercise of approving or disapproving of the advisers of the crown.
  • This usurpation is so general, that a very small part of the year is spent by choice; scarcely any thing is done when it is intended, or obtained when it is desired.
  • It only remained to submit his usurpation to the judgment of the people, and the decision in that case could, under existing conditions, hardly be a matter of doubt.
  • Thus, even sovereigns remarkable for usurpation and tyranny have been found rigorous in the administration of justice among their subjects, in cases where their own power and passions were not compromised.

Definition of Usurpation

The wrongful seizure of something by force, especially of sovereignty or other authority. | Trespass onto another's property without permission. | A taking or use without right.
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