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  • But this is utterly impossible.
  • It was indeed utterly impossible to do so.
  • The future looked utterly hopeless.
  • But men are utterly without sentiment.
  • This doctrine we utterly reject and infinitely abhor.
  • Why, he would be utterly out of place.
  • How utterly powerless the poor parents felt!
  • He turned from the door utterly broken down in spirit.
  • They had slunk off in the night, and were utterly gone.
  • It grieved him to see Marietta utterly broken down.
  • New York had changed utterly for him since Lois left.
  • Most of these articles were so utterly frivolous as to need no reply.
  • It seemed to me we must be going out to a world that was utterly empty.
  • The truth was that the girl, despite her success, felt utterly lonely.
  • Hope, report said, while slender, was not yet utterly vanished.
  • So all traces of Thomas Johnson were utterly lost to Langhurst.
  • I'm so used to the sound, that I was utterly unconscious of it.

How To Use Utterly In A Sentence?

  • It was quite true as has been told that she was utterly useless in the ordinary way.
  • Yes, it would be unfair upon the boy utterly to cast him off for this first offence.
  • The sense of watching his every motion, himself meanwhile utterly unseen, was delicious.
  • Altogether, the appearance of the house is gaunt, filthy, and utterly comfortless.
  • It was in answer to one from me; but what I wrote has passed utterly from my mind....
  • Washington and his men arrived, utterly worn out with fatigue and famine, at Wills Creek.
  • In the moment of recognition all the despondency had vanished so utterly that it had not left even a memory.
  • She was frightened sometimes to realize how utterly she seemed able to forget her husband when he was not with her.
  • How can the one of these things be so utterly repugnant to the divine character, and the other so perfectly agreeable to it?
  • She did not forget what had passed between them, she made no attempt to ignore the fact that he had failed her utterly in every way.
  • So far from being able to see how these things can hang together, it seems evident that they are utterly repugnant to each other.
  • Hence we shall utterly demolish it, that neither a fragment nor a shadow of it may remain to darken and delude the minds of men.
  • Hence, it cannot but murmur when, instead of being enlarged and enlightened by faith, it is utterly overwhelmed and confounded by it.
  • It was either hearsay, or given by persons utterly unworthy of credit, or wrung from the accused by agony and torture.
  • He would not own slaves, and disbelieved in slavery, but he also utterly disapproved of the actions of the political abolitionists of the day.
  • I have misjudged you cruelly, and that without a tithe of the reason, which you had, for thinking me utterly heartless and cruel.
  • The constant struggle for existence produces a character utterly opposed to that of the suave and facile Malay.
  • We were utterly unable to thank him, and, stumbling over each other in the passage, flew up to our own room like caged birds set free.
  • Some, less terribly injured, run and leap like madmen when they reach the open fresh air; some come up utterly blinded.
  • But this should be noted: that the commonest wares which we receive from Japan and India are never utterly bad in art.
  • But, though utterly unable to repay the unspeakable beneficence of God, gratitude affords an humble compensation suited to our limited powers.
  • The idea of their being held at night is also utterly devoid of proof, no mention of any such practice being found in any of the remaining documents.
  • What this sign was is utterly unknown: some say that when they met at table they used to turn the point of their knife to themselves, and the haft away from them.

Definition of Utterly

completely, entirely, to the fullest extent

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