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Definition of V

a shape resembling the letter v | The twenty-second letter of the English alphabet, called vee and written in the Latin script.

How To Use V In A Sentence?

  • The corrections noted in the Corrigenda on page v have been made in the text.
  • A hasty election provided a protesting cook and a horse wrangler; a V H beef was slaughtered.
  • U was an Usurer, a miserable elf, V was a Vintner, who drank all himself.
  • U the Unquestioning Faith of the some, V is the Vaudeville, where they all come.
  • Of all the members of the House of Orange William V is the only one whose grave is abroad.
  • Substituting the values in the equation VP = vp, we have 500 x 740 = v x 750, or v = 493.3 cc.
  • Since 1/273 = 0.00366, the formula may be written (3) v = V(1 + 0.00366t).
  • Foi recebido pelo joven rei Affonso V e pelo regente D. Pedro com grandes honras e festas.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For V | V Sentence

  • Still the V presses on relentlessly.
  • Henrique V reinou de 1413 a 1422.
  • The trail here took a sharp V turn to the left.
  • If V represents the volume of gas at 0 deg.
  • In this case, v = 750 cc. and t = 20.
  • Charles V and his dog, 1533. 454.
  • U and V to be kept distinct, 66, 135.
  • In Act V the great scheme has all been carried out.
  • Charles V on Horseback, 1548.
  • In this problem v = 500, p = 740, and t = 20.
  • Wolfs Vogelherd: 154 f. V 787.
  • At Broadway the Garden narrowed down to a V shape.
  • I and J and U and V to be kept distinct.
  • Under V Ix, Plate 48.
  • In 1530 Charles V assembled a diet at Augsburg.
  • Under V Lamat, Plate 49.
  • Under V Kan, Plate 46.
  • And when that V from I is gone, Alas!
  • In 1521 Charles V held his first diet at Worms.
  • Son of the emperor Charles V and Isabella of Portugal.
  • Married Catarina sister of Charles V of Germany.
  • VII Kan. V Cib.
  • Arrigo V 189 6.
  • V Chicchan.| X Been.| | V Oc.
  • See Jackson, Zoroaster, Appendix V (by Gray).
  • Touched me for a V once, and I am looking for that fiver yet.
  • The full list of contents for Volume V is to be found at the end of this text.
  • Oliver de Clisson seized the person of John V and imprisoned him.
  • It is pleasanter to think of the Emperor Charles V by the grave of Erasmus.
  • Not I: though perhaps gay King James V might have been equal to it.
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