Vacated In A Sentence

Definition of Vacated

simple past tense and past participle of vacate

How To Use Vacated In A Sentence?

  • He told them he was in love, and that he could not marry unless they vacated the house.
  • Moreover, when Sarah vacated the palace of the Pharaohs, the complaisance of Abraham was the same.
  • Labouchere asked the Attorney-General whether the resolution of Feb. 7th had not vacated the seat.
  • After doing this he again vacated the chair and the room as mysteriously as on the previous occasion.
  • Nearly all were occupied, and those which were empty my friend told me were vacated by deaths yesterday.
  • She set her fishnet bag on the stump she vacated and provided herself with a cudgel before starting to investigate.
  • He but vacated the city where the earth threatened to open beneath him and where his lost gods brooded inimical still.
  • The fandango came to an end, and the smooth earth which constituted the floor of the enclosure was vacated for an instant.
  • From there they could see the broad plain rapidly vacated by their enemies, hurrying away from the pursuing shells.
  • Brunowski immediately vacated his chair in favor of the princess, who took her place on the dais, but remained standing.
  • The Colonel had his own particular chair in his own particular corner, which was always vacated when he came in at the door.
  • In a moment she was on her feet again, staring in dismay at her hastily vacated nest, while every nerve in her body tingled with apprehension.
  • In the negro sections, for instance, there had been almost no houses added and few vacated by whites within the previous two years.
  • So now, the widow Schmittheimer having vacated the premises, the work of rehabilitation began in earnest.
  • Mr. Armstrong looked into their vacated den, and found it impossible to imagine what it could have been when occupied.
  • Two days before the Confederate cavalry had vacated the village, and the army had been encamped about the town for many months.
  • Spiritual pride, like a cunning foe, occupied in the heart the place vacated by passions of a coarser nature and less delicate tinge.
  • The ladies vacated the house with great good-humour; but it was low, intolerably filthy, and without bedding or food.
  • At the Reformation the stone altar was displaced by the communion table, which at first occupied the position vacated by the altar.
  • He forced Mabyn to retire a dozen paces, while he took the place he vacated in the stern; and then he ordered him to push off.
  • Cahews laughed and sauntered toward the front, and old Wrinkle sat down in the chair just vacated and tilted it back against the door-jamb.
  • Who knew but what he might, after a little coy manipulation, step into the place in her affections vacated by the defunct Levi?
  • Mrs. Windlebird turned very pale and sat down suddenly in the chair which Roland had vacated at the beginning of their conversation.
  • I recall a mother robin that, in late June, repaired a nest in a climbing rosebush which her first brood had vacated only a week before.
  • The Chancellor, as a last word, told them that if they vacated their schoolrooms a fine of about a hundred taels would be imposed upon each man.
  • He took the Chancellorship of the Exchequer, and, as some authorities contended, vacated his seat by doing so.
  • I learned afterwards that the clergyman who had just vacated the parish had left hurriedly, and that his books and furniture had not yet followed him.
  • He got up, with his eyes fixed on the dance, and dragged King with him to a place ten rows nearer the arena, that had been vacated by a dancer.
  • Toward night the marauders were gathered up by a guard sent back for them and they vacated the place, leaving one of their number murdered by his fellows.
  • The suite across the hall had been vacated by a superstitious tenant the week after the murder, and the family immediately below had moved away that morning.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vacated | Vacated Sentence

  • The gun-deck was vacated in a twinkling.
  • She took that vacated seat at the window.
  • Peter slipped into the vacated chair and strapped down the receivers.
  • Then the patient sitter vacated her post, and he flew down to the nest.
  • The rebels stood for a minute, and then vacated the stockades and ran.
  • Malhomme took the chair which Manning had vacated and sat in it heavily.
  • After her own retreat, Celeste had entered and taken the just vacated chair.
  • Just vacated by a Wall Street broker and his wife; very well-connected people.
  • In any case, however, Prince Buelow had meanwhile vacated his office.
  • The governor vacated the show last quarter-day, and it's still empty.

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