Vacation in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Vacation

1. Take a vacation anytime. 🔊

2. After that we only met at vacation time. 🔊

3. He passed his vacation at the university. 🔊

4. Marion had spent her vacation time in a profitable manner. 🔊

5. The next day her week of vacation began. 🔊

6. A tale of happy vacation days on a farm. 🔊

7. During the Vacation six such meetings were summoned. 🔊

8. During vacation I am going to try them all. 🔊

9. Even the long vacation came without Rorie. 🔊

10. I. Vacation Plans II. 🔊

11. I Plan a Vacation 27 III. 🔊

12. Harry's vacation had been very pleasant. 🔊

13. I haven't had a real vacation for a very long time. 🔊

14. They hadn't taken a vacation in fifteen years. 🔊

15. First vacation in ten years for both of us, but there is nothing to it. 🔊

16. I became desperate one summer vacation and determined to get away from it all. 🔊

17. The long vacation of 1841 was spent at Wiesbaden with his father and mother. 🔊

How to use Vacation in Sentences?

1. Certainly his long vacation from boxing had not ruined his eye or stiffened his muscles. 🔊

2. And whether in time of vacation it be constantly expected from himselfe or his assistant. 🔊

3. So she made her mind up bravely to stay where she was, and spend her vacation in study. 🔊

4. Also, when brethren return from a vacation or other prolonged absence, they are given a welcome. 🔊

5. She had heard it for years, and, in truth, was as glad of her vacation as any of her girls. 🔊

6. The summer vacation came round, and the students prepared to break up and go their various ways. 🔊

7. Your mother and I thought, however, that you were entitled to a vacation after your college work. 🔊