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  • Did they move as dead men among the living, devitalised, vacuous calm?

How To Use Vacuous In A Sentence?

  • A vacuous stare usually rested on his face, and he spoke in a slow, aggravating drawl.
  • The rector fled from him, John always had lessons and how would James endure his vacuous talk.
  • No one unaided, could be quite so inhumanly vacuous as the audiences in the theatres expected him to be.
  • She turned furiously on her father, whose vacuous grin faded as she cursed him shrilly for a coward.
  • Then he laughed the foolish, vacuous laugh of a man whose thoughts are too happy for the banality of words.
  • Between them was their prisoner, a boy with a vacuous face, clad in a straitjacket that seemed to make no difference at all to him.
  • The hitherto glowering, menacing countenances, had all of a sudden taken on a heavy, vacuous expression.
  • The present state of vacuous contentment was, perhaps, as near the condition of enjoyment as he would ever approach.
  • Up shot the dozen heads above the herbage, and two dozen vacuous eyes regarded his vicinity with empty-headed inquisitiveness.
  • He remained standing, hat in hand, fitted his glass with vacuous care and surveyed the room with deliberately insolent scrutiny.
  • No one indeed acknowledged his existence at all except a bulky black-haired man, smooth-faced and young, who grinned at him in vacuous amiability.
  • He saw that the forced and rather vacuous grin which Anthony Trent had worn when he lived another part was gone.
  • Inflamed eyes were common in that congregation, hollow cheeks flushed with the sign there is no mistaking, faces vacuous and dull-eyed and foolishly a-grin.

Definition of Vacuous

Empty; void; lacking meaningful content. | Showing a lack of thought or intelligence; vacant
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