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  • Describe a vacuum arrester.
  • She might have been walking in a vacuum of emotion.
  • After all, travelling in a vacuum seems rather pleasant.
  • Ut mihi devio rupes et vacuum nemus mirari libet.
  • A given pressure will discharge further in a fairly good vacuum than in air.
  • As mentioned before, the crepe for vacuum drying should be thin.
  • Either carbon or metal plates are adapted for use in such vacuum devices.
  • The vacuum drier is so well known that only a brief description need be given.
  • A piece of hot glass from a broken vacuum tube had done it, he insisted.

How To Use Vacuum In A Sentence?

  • The propagation of sound waves in a vacuum may be said not to take place at all.
  • The interior of the tube is thus a vacuum into which at the two ends platinum wires extend.
  • As a rule it is found in course of time that the obtainable maximum vacuum pressure decreases.
  • There is a great pressure on the water outside of the funnel and almost a perfect vacuum inside.
  • Such a surface creates little vacuum above it, and consequently has not a great lifting power.
  • There was a sudden but slight whoosh at the door, as air rushed into the vacuum of the house.
  • The new way is to cut it into strips, lay it upon steel trays, and place it in a vacuum dryer.
  • We shall then be hurled through this vacuum tube-road to Heliopolis, greatest city of Atlans.
  • Sometimes the rubber as it comes from the vacuum drier is merely allowed to remain on racks overnight before blocking.
  • The writers have seen rubber taken from a vacuum drier still containing a visible quantity of moisture.
  • It has long been known that on the discharge of an electrical current into this kind of vacuum peculiar and interesting phenomena are produced.
  • The air then rushes through the mouth and nose into the trachea and its branches, and fills the vacuum as fast as it is made.
  • This is kept hot, and whatever moisture is in the rubber is either evaporated or sucked out by a vacuum pump.
  • The airplane is being carried upward by two forces: the air pressure beneath it and the vacuum above it which draws it up.
  • To such enthusiasts the long-deferred opportunity to actualize ultimate ideals in an ecclesiastical vacuum would be accepted with joy.
  • As in the case of vacuum drying, a great deal depends upon the preliminary treatment of the rubber.
  • When a funnel is central over a building a sudden vacuum is created outside of it and it bursts outwardly from the internal air pressure.
  • The block is prepared from crepe rubber, which has been dried either in a hot-air drier or in a vacuum chamber.
  • Naturally this mode of procedure does not give the drier a fair chance, and it would be ridiculous to judge vacuum drying on the results.
  • These two points presume that the vacuum drier is true to its name, and that one can obtain a maximum steady pressure.
  • Should the operation have to be extended to two and a half hours at 28 inches vacuum pressure, it is a sign that the crepe is too thick.
  • Consider the barrel of a pump placed in a vacuum and closed by a piston at each end, and let us introduce between these a certain mass of air.
  • The spectroscope was formed entirely of fluor-spar, and a vacuum had been created in it, for these radiations are extremely absorbable by the air.
  • Thus, when the chest is expanded, the lungs follow, and consequently a vacuum is produced in their air-cells.
  • A case was noted in which thin crepe was excellently prepared, and four or five layers were rolled together for vacuum drying.
  • In other instances, the sticky rubber from the vacuum drier is passed once or twice through wet, smooth rolls and hung to dry for some days.
  • An incandescent lamp consists of a vacuum bulb of glass, in which is mounted a slender thread of carbonized fibre, or fine tungsten wire.
  • I felt an uneasiness, a restlessness, a vacuum in my bosom, which, like that in the atmosphere, is the forerunner of the tempest.
  • One advantage which this drier has over the vacuum drier is that the chamber can be opened at any time for a short period to withdraw or insert trays.
  • Indicators are fitted which show the vacuum pressure and the pressure of steam in the heating pipes which travel underneath horizontal slabs upon which trays may be placed.
  • When the tube is made, the air is exhausted as nearly as possible from it, and the ends are sealed over a vacuum as perfect as science is able to produce.

Definition of Vacuum

(transitive) To clean (something) with a vacuum cleaner. | (intransitive) To use a vacuum cleaner. | (transitive, databases) To optimise a database or database table by physically removing deleted tuples.
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