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  • Would you like another instance of the vagaries of that prodigious imagination?
  • It is a custom to laugh at forebodings and set them down to the vagaries of a disordered stomach.
  • They had already come to regard the vagaries of the weather as matters of no import.
  • It was fascinating to watch these whimsical vagaries of nature that went on for hours.
  • Who does not know the symbolism of the cathedrals, and the vagaries to which it has given rise?
  • When the battle began, it partook of the vagaries of real warfare by opening unexpectedly.
  • But as a general rule, it is wise enough to tolerate such pleasant vagaries of worshipping woman.
  • The Chinese language is filled with so many vagaries that it strikes terror into our hearts.
  • These vagaries might have touched Harboro at another time; they might have alarmed him.
  • But Sir Reginald had not taken into account the vagaries of red tape and petty officialdom.
  • Into the many vagaries of North Country weather, I shall not enter at this time.
  • One of the errant's pet vagaries is to volunteer his services in orchestras too good for him.
  • My slight experience with the vagaries of the feminine mind had not prepared me for the lightning changes of this kind.
  • And perhaps of all his people she was the only one who could have followed his vagaries of that night without thinking the worse of him.
  • The complex twists and turns described in his vagaries by the caterpillar leading the van are scrupulously described by all the others.
  • The vagaries of the lightning, and the frightful power that it exhibited, were especially terrifying.
  • Appropriateness and simplicity, however, show better taste than the extraordinary vagaries in which some indulge.
  • He rejected all else, since the wild vagaries of events during the past few minutes were beyond his comprehension.
  • The next movement will have to win by its own strength, rather than by the vagaries of a newspaper-created public opinion.
  • In this tract there may be one hundred villages, all paying tribute to him and subject to the vagaries of his vilest despotism.
  • He made great efforts to master the vagaries of fences, the irregularities of the ground, the peculiarities of branches.
  • Martineau himself, while approaching so nearly to the egoistic centre, was safeguarded from all such vagaries by an all-pervading sense of duty.
  • She knew him better than the others did, the vagaries of his ugly temper, the lines his weaknesses ran upon.
  • It has been made memorable to me by the vagaries of a certain Bhutya pony ridden by an officer who was accompanying me.
  • She began to sneeze and cough, and thought she must have taken cold through standing on the pier to watch the vagaries of the fishing-smack.
  • It boasts of infallibility, when its fundamental theories are conjectures that the advance of thought may to-morrow show to be vagaries of fancy.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vagaries | Vagaries Sentence

  • In the vagaries of human nature all things are possible.
  • But there is no reckoning with the vagaries of the white man.
  • But there is no accounting for the vagaries of a drunken man.
  • Such vagaries as this are not likely ever to be generally adopted.
  • That is the attitude of most men toward the tender vagaries of others.
  • The power to hold in check the vagaries of imagination may be gone.
  • Death sheds a ghastly light upon the idle vagaries of the human heart.
  • And yet many times they would fetche their vagaries in thether also.
  • Otherwise Minnesota can defy the vagaries of politics and politicians.
  • Not one of the sexual vagaries imputed to Luther rests on a basis of fact.
  • All these "spiritual," "immaterial" vagaries have no foundation in truth.
  • Nothing else can account for the extraordinary vagaries of Captain Craigie.
  • Thus the Daisy Cutter and his vagaries became a proverb in Birmingham.
  • All of which throws light on the vagaries of a man's appetite.

Definition of Vagaries

plural of vagary
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