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  • It was very vague and awful.
  • A vague uneasiness possessed me.
  • These were at their best vague plans.
  • She was conscious of a vague uneasiness.
  • He could never recall that time except as a vague memory.
  • The proposition, as left by them, is vague and obscure.
  • People have got hold of these vague rumours....
  • He could get nothing, however, but vague information.
  • Her mind remained deep in thought about him and his vague tomorrow.
  • My vague anticipation of such things in life had vanished altogether.
  • She looked towards the door as though with some vague hope of escape.
  • Foy is half a hero with them, because of these vague old stories.
  • Emily listened, a vague expression of pain in her pathetic eyes.
  • She wished that she were not haunted by a vague dread of it....
  • The vague heaviness, like a black cloud covered her heart again.
  • With vague forebodings, bear life's heavy load.
  • He had the vague yet ardent eyes of the follower of the Lone Trail.

How To Use Vague In A Sentence?

  • Was this the vague resemblance that had baffled him ever since he had entered the room?
  • That something was machinery and a vague energetic disposition to improve material things.
  • His instructions were vague and verbal; he had not even a letter to our proposed ally.
  • Raising his head, he could see nothing except the vague light of the sheet of water on his right.
  • He had recently, and for reasons that were a little vague in his own mind, decided to become rich.
  • As Gray looked up he could only distinguish the vague dark outlines of the gloomy hills.
  • He was enraged at receiving none but vague replies; for I felt the importance of misleading him.
  • Such were the vague rumors which for a long time tantalized without gratifying my curiosity on the interesting subject of these pirate traditions.
  • But presently he noticed in them a return of the preoccupation, the vague dreaminess, that had been about her when she first appeared.
  • She now sealed it up and forwarded it to Bernstein on the vague chance of its being of use in the valuation of the necklace.
  • Vague yearnings she was aware of, vague inhibitions and promptings; together with tastes and distastes that were not vague at all.
  • I had vague ideas of going to a policeman or of complaining at a police station, but some boyish instinct against informing prevented that.
  • By this time he had become somewhat alienated from the spirit of his youth, when he had envisaged life in a mist of vague and stormy emotionalism.
  • One of the old women in the almshouse below gave me some information which, though very vague and insufficient, only increased my interest.
  • The cloud-mussed sky turned to a vague copper colour, and seemed to glow as the inside of a huge heated caldron.
  • The whole place had the vague depressing smell of closed rooms, or of dead flowers, the very odour of unhappiness.
  • Without warning, we found ourselves foul of a picket-line, and the vague forms of grazing horses loomed close by.
  • All these things, however, had been jumbled together in our minds in that vague way in which such things are mingled up in the tales of boyhood.
  • We are usually left to vague generalities, which convey no definite information, and furnish no satisfactory guidance to our minds.
  • There was a universal vague hope in a great moral peace, of a new world order arising visibly and immediately on the ruins of the old.
  • Those ideals had been expressed in vague and general terms, and every Government thought that its own war aims coincided with them.
  • Motionless she lay on the sofa, looking at the grey November day with vague eyes that bespoke an obsession of hallucination.
  • She touched his hand a little tremulously, and her eyes took on the vague far-seeing look of the Celt.

Definition of Vague

Not clearly expressed; stated in indefinite terms. | Not having a precise meaning. | Not clearly defined, grasped, or understood; indistinct; slight.
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