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  • It is valid only for a certain form of warfare.
  • A valid defence would have availed him naught.
  • Was the claim a valid claim, and must it prevail?
  • It must be valid for, and binding upon, all men.
  • Burgundian coins were declared valid at Burgundian values.
  • Condonation is always a valid defense in proceedings for divorce.
  • But this argument is not valid as a defence of a divine institution.
  • It is not necessary in order to make a valid sale to deliver the thing bought.
  • Although inpatient is a valid word, it is incorrectly used in this instance.
  • It is true that "posterity" may have no valid claim on us for such a legacy.
  • As the consent is withheld without valid reasons, I might do without it.
  • There seemed no valid reason, however, for deserting Christiern.
  • These were valid causes of ill-humor to any lady of the marchesa's humor.

How To Use Valid In A Sentence?

  • The will was obviously a perfectly valid and regular will and there was an end of the matter.
  • There was of course no valid reason to make me believe that a crime had been committed.
  • We both know that any honorable promise is only as valid as the basic honor involved.
  • A contract is only valid when the two contractants had an entire freedom to sign it.
  • On the contrary, we hold that they afford a valid presumption from analogy on the other side.
  • Besides, there was a valid excuse of waiting to catch an important long-distance call.
  • Rendel found it very hard to explain his reasons in such a way that they should seem in the least valid to his interlocutor.
  • What lapse of time is requisite to found a valid title by prescription has not been definitely settled.
  • Sickness or absence from the country or being engaged in any important business shall be a valid excuse for any neglect of duty.
  • But some people draw from these facts the conclusion that there is no universally valid and objectively real moral law.
  • There is nothing in the universe that can deserve the name or do the work of valid LAW but the commandment and the ordinance of the living God.
  • In mixed or in select companies they do not introduce persons; so that a presentation is a circumstance as valid as a contract.
  • Its impression is considered more valid than the sign-manual, and is indispensable to give authenticity to the letter.
  • The principle is that no ministry is valid which is assumed, which a man takes upon himself, or which is delegated to him from below.
  • The genuineness of these documents has never yet been denied by any man whose word can be regarded as valid testimony in the case.
  • Defects of the senses do not incapacitate, if the testator possesses sufficient mind to perform a valid testamentary act.
  • A mortgage given for the purchase money will be valid though given alone by the party taking the legal title.
  • This was esteemed good and valid service, and if the accused did not appear the court proceeded to act upon it.
  • The argument which applies to defective counts, applies to valid counts on which erroneous findings are entered up.
  • Taxes are unfortunately a very valid reason in many sections of the State for not practicing forestry.
  • My feelings and sensations are binding upon no man but myself, and therefore a universally valid law cannot be founded upon them.
  • But this simple name-borrowing theory, it is clear, is equally valid as an explanation of the facts.
  • Neither of the four, which united make a valid execution of a will, may be done at a different time from the rest.
  • Can this be cited by Socialists to-day as a valid argument in favor of public ownership of all land?
  • Among them no laws are valid save Nature's own, but they abide faithfully by these.
  • Do you tell me that childishness, and prettiness, and pettiness, are valid substitutes for a genuine, manly modesty and simplicity?
  • But if the knot were tied by a priest, a notary and a European financier, it was evidently intended to be a valid undertaking.

Definition of Valid

Well grounded or justifiable, pertinent. | Acceptable, proper or correct. | Related to the current topic, or presented within context, relevant.
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