Valorous In A Sentence

Definition of Valorous

Having or displaying valour.

How To Use Valorous In A Sentence?

  • He and many like him were especially valorous only when the blue coats were far away.
  • He made the usual vain valorous resolutions of youth to show her his heroic quality.
  • In the end he became a valorous freebooter, with a following of the sons of noble families.
  • We may imagine the valorous anger of our little metropolis at this act or crime of lese-majesty.
  • It is from Miss Tullis that we have learned the extent of your valorous achievements.
  • When valorous Wright stepped aboard of her, her captain was scraping and bowing near the rail.
  • The valorous retreat of the French and their last-ditch stand on the Marne compelled admiration.
  • He made a great argument and a valorous display of zeal in relation to the right of search.
  • A valorous bull-fighter won his way to women's hearts and to the favour of princes.
  • Do not, in the name of Allah, O my Padishah," said he, "have so valorous a young man beheaded!
  • He was valorous enough, but he was also discreet, and he therefore obstinately remained true to his allegiance.
  • The royal band plays every afternoon, and at night some one tells him stories of the valorous men who occupied the throne before him.
  • To preserve their Prince, to defend him, and to ascribe to his glory all their own valorous deeds, is the sum and most sacred part of their oath.
  • The valorous Bicske men and their ten Velencze companions, were equally ready to join in the fray thus begun.
  • And those free maids, in their two squadrons led, Meet in the valorous fight That conquers for the right.
  • Or title to be called a valorous man: Thou little puny phantom form," said Laegh.
  • She fully expects to see a slaughter-pen, with the valorous Sir Lionel and Philander among the slain.
  • Young Thomas had ridden with Brunner, seeking him out, as the novice always seeks out the veteran, to practise his valorous speeches upon.
  • To that end we shall perform a sacrifice for thee, of wonderful effect so that, valorous as thou art, thou wilt bring forth a son equal to Indra.
  • It was plain that the valorous little fellow meant to attack the three city lads, who were pestering him not only with stones, but with taunts that were far more exasperating.
  • But what of Limerick wall, what of the valorous rush of the women of the beleaguered city to stem the inroads of the besiegers and rally the defenders to the breach?
  • Did they parley with cunning lawyers, cajole the boor, act the valorous on a misgiving heart, guess at the thought of man or woman oftener than we do?
  • In this book the author has striven to chronicle some of the valorous deeds and to relate some of the incidents and events that are part of the everyday life of the soldier who is fighting in France.
  • And so you will find in all the past centuries, all the past valorous peoples and nations held this art in so much honour, that they admired nothing more nor considered anything as a greater wonder.
  • This dramatic circumstance may be a danger confronted or averted, a valorous deed achieved or a difficulty surmounted, a religious experience or an ardent craving for supernatural aid.
  • The Peloponnesian army lingered at Corinth, busy with a wall across the Isthmus, instead of risking valorous battle.
  • Nevertheless, like other brave men, they were impelled to respect the soldiers on the opposing side, whose deeds had been as valorous as those of any heroes immortalized in poetry and song.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Valorous | Valorous Sentence

  • He is a most valorous captain.
  • Speedily we became very valorous again.
  • I cannot say I am very valorous in a bad cause.
  • Let thy own deeds praise thee, valorous Manchegan!
  • Truth's "at home" to right valorous seeking.
  • Yes, "Speed you well, most valorous Knight!

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