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  • He went to the kitchen to secure this valued gift.
  • Yet he had deprived her of the thing she valued most in life: her pride.
  • No wonder the white men valued them so highly and refused to dispense them.
  • This noble work of art was valued at two hundred thousand dollars.
  • We say, that every man is entitled to be valued by his best moment.
  • I skewed the cross to a jeweller, who valued it at sixty-five Louis.
  • H. Baker, Robert W. Wilson, and Robert E. Beer for valued suggestions.

How To Use Valued In A Sentence?

  • This substance occurs as the mineral sphalerite, and is one of the most valued ores of zinc.
  • The weights kept altering according as one found oneself grasping this valued thing or that.
  • They may be built in three or four days, and are valued at four or five dollars.
  • Were all things valued as they deserve, perhaps these cheery sea-birds would have their due.
  • She knew how much I loved and valued the goodness and the noble simplicity of her disposition.
  • Old Miss Easey, who writes the society news, was one of my most valued contributors.
  • The yearly products of the mines of the United States are now valued at more than $2,000,000,000.
  • She is a Lady highly to be valued for her Virtue, her Understanding, and her Behaviour.
  • To leave his native shore; An' goa where wealth wor worshipped less, An' men wor valued moor.
  • All these are to be valued for their beauty or historic interest, and are also valuable as a source of wealth to the community.
  • The works by his own hand he most valued were his eccentric imitations of the designs of Michelangelo.
  • To the country his death would be worse than the loss of a province; to me it would be the loss of my truest and most valued friend.
  • They are among our most valued possessions, and yet only a few years ago they were destroyed, wasted, by millions.
  • He became a prosperous banker and a prominent and valued citizen; and a few years ago he died, rich and honored.
  • Toward his father, whose life and station he valued only as a means to his own aggrandizement, he displayed not the slightest respect or feeling.
  • Ferdy Wickersham never took the trouble to compete for anything until he discovered that some one else valued it.
  • The placer gold mined in 1907 was valued at $24,000,000, and it is thought that about this quantity can be supplied for a long time.
  • He had no idea that at present a Wijnants would be so much more highly valued on account of his little figures than it would be without them.
  • The new religion was nothing to her; I believe she valued it only on account of the importance she obtained among its followers.
  • At the end of ten days, James had in his possession an admirable plane, which he valued all the more for having made it himself.
  • He was very dusky, and Cecilia, being very blonde, valued him as a most effective foil and adjunct.
  • No money or trouble was spared, for the two brothers valued Clarence too highly to neglect anything that might be for his benefit.
  • One gentleman in Maine has a collection valued at over $200,000, consisting chiefly of the great rarities.
  • A mere name cost the patrons of Jimmy a pickle, while a pledge to eternal friendship or sincerity was valued at a doughnut.
  • Rice is received for it, each fanega of which is valued at one real in silver among the Tagals, because of its greater abundance.
  • In the interior of France a sandy marsh covering 2,000,000 acres has been changed into a profitable forest valued at $100,000,000.
  • The industry has, however, been revived, and in 1906 over 100 bales, valued at L1052, were exported.
  • It is an ally of Reduvius personates, a valued friend to man, as in Europe it destroys the bed-bug.
  • When the last volume on the last shelf had been valued by the doctor, Mr. Welford stated that he did not care to sell immediately.
  • The stones with a natural resemblance to animals are most valued when they are old and long in use, and the orthodox or priestly theory is that they are petrifactions of this or that beast.
  • The old aviator had fussed and poked about the dainty little biplane, as if it was some valued friend he was sending out into the world to try its fortune.
  • I was asked for a verdict, but had to confess that if that valued neighbor and old friend had eyes I was not sure that I had ever seen them.
  • Further, it appears that Clavius valued the celebration of the festival after the Jews, etc., more than astronomical correctness.

Definition of Valued

Having a value, esteemed. | simple past tense and past participle of value
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