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  • Fenella values your friendship.
  • Parents need to see the values in family worship.
  • Show how the family sets spiritual values first.
  • Thirdly, the family sets spiritual values first.
  • In the most curious way she had captured the moral values of the situation.
  • The time has witnessed a reappreciation of values in many realms.
  • He had learned a little about values during these school and college days.
  • The women at first find it difficult to judge of values and prices.
  • The thing had been planned with certain poetic or romantic values in mind.
  • Here all land values depend directly on ability to obtain a water supply.
  • He has neither friends nor enemies, but values men only as channels of power.

How To Use Values In A Sentence?

  • Of experiments to test the relative values of different systems of tapping there have been many.
  • Its letters have no fixed values and represent different sounds in different words.
  • Every man values every acquisition he makes in the science of beauty, above his possessions.
  • The symbol of those future values was the credit symbol, now finally deprived of all value.
  • It will be seen that the integral values of the curves, starting from zero, are variable.
  • For, the depreciation of his Curfew stock only shows the immense values of the humanity stock.
  • Substituting the values in the equation VP = vp, we have 500 x 740 = v x 750, or v = 493.3 cc.
  • Because of this, there is a possibility of developing a wrong sense of values in the religious life.
  • If we would conserve the human values of the family we must train youth to a religious interpretation of the home.
  • That is because religion is what man values most in his life, and he is loath to change observances in which his affections are powerfully engaged.
  • He appeared to himself as a man who moved easily in very good society, and knew enough about the true values of life to be himself above it.
  • One of the great barriers to human understanding is the wide temperamental difference one finds in the values of things relating to sex.
  • Their play is innocent; more, it may be helpful and educative; we can insure these values in it by our participation.
  • There are too many alternative values and cultural threads surrendered to profit efficiency that may yet prove vital to our cultural ecosystem.
  • Each of these experiences left me with a sense of shock, with all the values in my life perplexingly altered, attempting readjustment.
  • Patient drill for weeks, even months, may be necessary before a sense of phonetic values is attained.
  • But they, in the complete contrast they offered, had little recognition of individual values and judged a dish by the platter it was served on.
  • Almost without effort there grows up in him, or flows in upon him, a belief and a system of beliefs as to the order and values of things.
  • The power of the State he values because it secures to each individual citizen the highest degree of liberty possible in this life.
  • The house itself is not worth as much as when I had it, but land values are coming up by leaps and bounds.
  • He values himself greatly on being a Frenchman, though all his most valuable qualities come from Germany.
  • The values of the external relations of Hungary and Transylvania with foreign nations direct, are of little importance.
  • It were better to save the values of their affections and on them to build a wise discipline for childhood by providing adequate training of parents for their duties.
  • The values given in Table VIII have been chosen from the Smithsonian Physical Tables.
  • On comparing the values for nitrogen in the table it will be seen that a number which is approximately 14 is the smallest, and that the others are multiples of this.
  • The proletariat demanded of the peasantry the granting of food credits, economic subsidies in respect of values which it is only now about to create.
  • Using the same values of resistance in the transmitter and line, assume the local circuit apart from the transmitter to have a fixed resistance of 5 ohms.
  • We can test the life of the family and determine the values of its elements by asking whether and in what degree they minister to this end, the growth of better persons.
  • Those who frequent this place are generally of opinion that they know all that is to be known; they talk much of form and colour, of values and order.

Definition of Values

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of value | plural of value
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