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  • The night-owls and the great flitting vampire bats saw it and retreated to darksome caves.
  • It was an excellent device, and most efficacious in disseminating the Vampire belief.
  • Her vampire beauty, waiting there to seize And dance me downward where my doom is sealed.
  • Thou art the fishmonger, the murderer of Claes, the vampire of the poor little young girls.
  • More often the daughter of the business man is both the victim and the vampire of his own shortsighted neglectfulness.
  • If you wish to please them, you must sell yourself to some rich vampire of the factories or great landlord.
  • Out of thickets and through drifts they burst, while fatigue settled on them like some horrid vampire from the darkness.
  • Was she the kind of vampire heroine they have in plays who can break up a burglar-proof home with one hand tied behind her?
  • And at this moment she felt herself thrillingly equal to this vampire role her over-stimulated sense of justice had commanded her to undertake.
  • Over and over he repeated reassuring words in her deafened ears, striving to lay the awful ghost that had fastened like a vampire on her heart.
  • The sloth does not suspend himself head downward, like the vampire bat, but when asleep he supports himself from a branch parallel to the earth.
  • The vampire had tapped his great toe; there was a wound somewhat less than that made by a leech; the blood was still oozing from it.
  • Or is it one risen from the dead, a vampire with a violin, who, if not the blood out of our hearts, at any rate sucks the gold out of our pockets?
  • Occasionally, also, one comes across scarce volumes bereft of title-pages, these having been torn out by some vampire to adorn his scrapbook.
  • Closely allied to the vampire is the were-wolf, which, however, instead of devouring the intellect of human beings, feeds only on their flesh.
  • Annette knew her for an artist in "extras," a vampire that had sucked her purse lean with deft overcharges, a creature without mercy or morals.
  • Viewed in the light of progress, Shund is neither a vampire nor a wolf; at the worst, he is merely an ill used business man.
  • The question now arose as to which of the other bodies in the cemetery were "possessed," it being very evident that more than one vampire lay buried there.
  • The suitors were always made very welcome, but when they went to their rooms at night the late master of the castle would invariably come as a vampire and suffocate them.
  • For three consecutive nights I suffered from a sort of vampire cockroach, who crept under my pyjamas whilst I slept, and nibbled my chest.
  • The Vampire legend was spread as a protection against partial discovery by any mischance, and other weird beliefs were set afoot and fostered.
  • She broke out at him one day and told him he was like a jailor to her, and that he suffocated her talent and that he hung on her like a vampire and sucked her youth, and that she loved the other man.
  • When a patient was wasted with disease, growing thinner and weaker and more bloodless day by day, it was believed that a merciless vampire was sucking his veins and devouring his flesh.
  • There can be no pain in the operation, for the patient is always asleep when the vampire is sucking him; and as for the loss of a few ounces of blood, that would be a trifle in the long run.
  • This was not difficult, for when the Vampire story which we had spread began to be widely known, her being seen would be accepted as a proof of its truth.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vampire | Vampire Sentence

  • It is the vampire that has sucked him.
  • The usurer is both vampire and wolf.
  • Where the scholar had been, a vampire emerged.
  • O rictus du vampire assouvissant sa faim!
  • You remember the vampire bats, Slade?
  • It's the vampire swirl.
  • I'm not frightened by your vampire tales.
  • Have you said that vampire bats suck the blood from our toes as we sleep?
  • The vampire measures about 26 inches from wing to wing extended.
  • Poised to inflict a further agony, The Vampire Bats that violate the sky?

Definition of Vampire

(transitive, figuratively) To drain of energy or resources. | A mythological undead creature said to feed on the blood of the living. [from earlier 18th c.] | (colloquial) A person with the medical condition systemic lupus erythematosus, colloquially known as vampirism, with effects such as photosensitivity and brownish-red stained teeth.
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