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How To Use Vanishing In A Sentence?

  • The splendors of human pomp and prosperity seemed rapidly vanishing in the distance.
  • It is miraculous how he finds words wherewith to utter his most subtle and vanishing emotion.
  • Neither man nor horse woke till the coach was seen vanishing away in the distance.
  • The girl was a rod or more ahead, and just vanishing behind a clump of sage-brush.
  • Frank wondered if Jerry was concerned in the mysterious vanishing of the wonderful hunting-knife.
  • How much of stifled grief, vanishing hope, and patient renunciation was concealed in that sigh!
  • They broke and fled, scattering across country, vanishing like shadows in the night.
  • Cable and Harris have looked toward the past, and have embalmed vanished or vanishing types.
  • The merchants gazed in wonder, now at the vanishing horsemen, and then on Selim.
  • Carson was the first to grasp the meaning of the dust cloud and the vanishing murmur of hoof-tramplings.
  • Before the startled spectators could catch their breath, the racers were vanishing from sight up the boulevard.
  • Men kept vanishing and re-appearing among the rocks, and it was very difficult to fix our position geographically.
  • Feriz stood there alone on the shore with folded arms and tried to distinguish once more the shape of the skiff already vanishing in the darkness.
  • The twilight was deepening rapidly across the landscape, the tender green of spring was vanishing into a sombre black.
  • I went backwards and forwards on the way to the vanishing place, and at last explored the forbidden road that had swallowed them up.
  • At times he fancied he caught a glimpse of her vanishing garments; of the sunlight glinting on her long gold tresses.
  • Some of them who had at times only seen a vanishing form in the darkness, now attended to see the man, as they put it.
  • But visitors who come to play may lament the increase of seriousness and the vanishing faith that life begins and ends with laughter.
  • The election had been a sharp party struggle, the whole theory of a deliberate choice by electors vanishing in the stress of partisan excitement.
  • Guard's vanishing bark, on the previous evening, had led up the hillside, behind the house.
  • There was a sad earnestness in his face, and the vanishing traces of deep pain, which however were soon superseded by a noble indignation.
  • For physically his life, which could be taken away from him, was exactly like mine, held on the same terms and of the same vanishing quality.
  • When Poseidon heard this he screamed, as if pierced with sudden pain, and turned into vanishing mist.
  • In a minute all who remained upon their feet of the Amahagger were in full flight, vanishing this way and that among the trees.
  • Joan watched the flying landscape, dotted with snow and vanishing lights, smiled with the shining wonder of it all in her eyes, and could not eat.
  • It was here, at a wayside inn, that the present historian fell in with a Sussex peasant of the ancient and vanishing kind.
  • The virtue of tolerance, a prized British quality, was vanishing from the face of these war-ridden isles.
  • I seem to catch sight of somebody I know behind columns, passing through doorways, vanishing here and there.
  • Artists developed the technique of the vanishing point and with it the ability to paint three-dimensional representations on two-dimensional surfaces.
  • But this last unnatural symptom was vanishing before the assiduous kindness of Mr Farquhar, and the quiet but firm desire of his mother.
  • A cat prowled past, velvet-footed, silent as the night, a vanishing gray streak, intent and terrible, concentrated wholly on prey.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vanishing | Vanishing Sentence

  • The valley of vanishing herds.
  • The vanishing gold truck.
  • Stay, vanishing summer.
  • Upon the rock, masses of hoary and vanishing ruin.
  • The vanishing witnesses, by Ross Rocklynne, pseud.
  • I got there just in time to see him vanishing in the bushes.
  • The vanishing arafuras from On the trail of the money bird.
  • Now they are few in number, poor, a prey to disease, a vanishing race.
  • And I myself grew faint and blind below Their vanishing eyes.

Definition of Vanishing

That vanishes. | present participle of vanish
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