Vanquish In A Sentence

Definition of Vanquish

To defeat, to overcome.

How To Use Vanquish In A Sentence?

  • Several new arts and schemes were tried to vanquish his resolution, but all to no purpose.
  • In the second place it is one of the many proofs extant that he could always vanquish the mob.
  • Man vanquishes the one only as in the grace of God he is able to vanquish the other.
  • A man may be seen to prosper by his sins, obtain good therefrom and vanquish his foes.
  • The slayer of Arjuna, however, existeth not, nor doth one that can vanquish him.
  • My ledger may show that I am in debt, cannot yet make my ends meet, and vanquish the enemy so.
  • They request him to take up his abode in the grove for a few days, in order to vanquish the enemies.
  • To avoid important naval engagements and vanquish the enemy in numberless skirmishes, that should be our aim.
  • The German super-man does not understand such silly manoeuvres when he is out to vanquish his enemy.
  • And we shall not be likely to vanquish the monster, even in ourselves, unless we make the thoughts our point of attack.
  • The wish of merely being wounded ended in a desire to wound; and the desire to wound in a clamorous anxiety to vanquish and destroy.
  • I cannot vanquish my inquietudes respecting them, but by returning to Malverton and ascertaining their state with my own eyes.
  • Otherwise it is impossible (for us) to vanquish in fight all those foes, who have attained to eminent success in all their purposes.
  • I forbore to solicit his concurrence, or even to vanquish the scruples he entertained against directing me to the grave of Hadwin.
  • He fought grimly against the thought of Elsa; but he was not strong enough to vanquish the longings from his heart and mind.
  • In order to vanquish all these obstacles, the King applied to M. le Grand (Louis de Lorraine).
  • The jackal then said, "It is very strange, uncle, that you did not vanquish him.
  • Right and justice are, surely, upon our side, and we shall vanquish this German enemy of civilisation.
  • It behoves him to be so, for they that could not vanquish him by arms will endeavour to do it by craft and treachery of your own party, which you must look to.
  • Now the Sultan, in despair, published a proclamation all over his vast empire, promising untold riches to any knight who would vanquish the rebel.
  • If you will but humour their excess in drinking, and supply them with as much as they covet, it will be no less easy to vanquish them by vices than by arms.
  • It is construction that is now desired; and he who studies history only that he may vanquish belief in the interest of knowledge cannot command the attention of those whose attention is best worth having.
  • This long and fastidious performance had no other variations than the different titles of the movements, since it was sufficient to vanquish one difficulty to be able to surmount all the others.
  • The whole history of the Old Testament displays nothing but the vain efforts of God to vanquish the obstinacy of his people.
  • From that point, though violent and dictatorial still to his son and the respectful mortals about him, the tyrant submits sullenly to those he can neither vanquish nor appease.
  • Thou wilt vanquish all thy foes, even the dwellers of heaven; I will as I have been pleased with thee, grant thee an irresistible weapon.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vanquish | Vanquish Sentence

  • To meet you in conflict and vanquish you here.
  • He had thought of a way to vanquish the lion.
  • Some had tried to vanquish her, but in vain.
  • We are here to resist, to control and vanquish withal.
  • No one could vanquish death who had not vanquished sin.
  • Nay, sister, you shall never vanquish me in kindness.
  • He tried to vanquish the love of woman in the love of God.
  • If, by my going, I should vanquish Troy.
  • Piety did not always vanquish the passions of a turbulent age.
  • Are you so tame and so poor-spirited that a threat is to vanquish you?
  • To vanquish the myrmidons of despotism, we must have science.
  • It means that, at all hazards and at all costs, you must vanquish your enemy.
  • What is the charm that bids thee hope Thou canst rout and vanquish him?
  • Only a Samson could vanquish it, Not an old man, spent and frail.

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