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  • Must we be always either vapid or serious?
  • What tedious and vapid things they read and liked to read!
  • He was born to the camp, and not to the vapid air of courts.
  • It's vapid and silly, and rotten with suggestiveness.
  • I was sometimes commanded, with a vapid imperiousness, to make much of them.
  • The country wants no more vapid theorizing; it wants no more Bryanism.
  • Cowper's "versification" of the incident is vapid compared to this.

How To Use Vapid In A Sentence?

  • It would have shrunk from it, from all its artificial excitement and vapid reaction.
  • Farther along under an exploring match a great vapid peony loomed like a dead heart.
  • Just as they gain the road an equestrian trots by, a young man with a pale vapid countenance.
  • And then you drank the vapid liquor up, The mawkish brew beloved of young and old.
  • The rugged northern clime, the vapid mists, With thee to dwell, did I that only what me lists.
  • And to-morrow he'll print half a column of vapid reminiscence and call it criticism.
  • At another time his foppish dress might have moved her to smiles, or his feebleness and vapid oaths to pity.
  • They conjure up a world of charming, vapid faces, where there is little life apart from sentiment and rhetoric.
  • She would irritate, but she would not fill the soul with everlasting despair, as the pretty vapid creature does.
  • But there was not even a shadow on his vapid face when he looked at Christopher, author of his misfortune.
  • She took an affectionate, indulgent view of most of the persons mentioned, and yet her tone was far from being vapid or vague.
  • Your woodsman will go far out of his way to drink at a cold spring, having a distaste for the rather vapid water of the lakes and streams.
  • What had befallen his strong young hopes, his faith, his inspiration, that they had exhaled and left the air vapid and listless?
  • But the round of fashion is somewhat more vapid than ever, I grant you, after a visit to my lace-mender.
  • Mendacity, slander, sensationalism, inanity, vapid triviality, all are potent factors for the debauchery of the public mind and conscience.
  • One reason why a cultivated man is wretched with a vapid woman is that she has not traveled over a yard of that ground of knowledge and feeling which has in truth made his nature what it is.
  • Hence the insipid or vapid taste of newly boiled water, from which these gases are expelled: fish cannot live in water deprived of those elastic fluids.
  • What I noticed under the superficial aspect of vapid sweetness was her convex, obstinate forehead, and her small, red, pretty, ungenerous mouth.

Definition of Vapid

Offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging. | Lifeless, dull, or banal. | Tasteless, bland, or insipid.
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