Variable in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Variable

1. Archaic and variable spelling is preserved. 🔊

2. No doubt our very variable spring is the cause of this. 🔊

3. We cannot write the order of the variable winds. 🔊

4. Independent of variable strains, friction. 🔊

5. This price depends on four variable quantities. 🔊

6. A variable ancestry often results in a variable progeny. 🔊

7. ALGOL, the variable star, 222. 🔊

8. It belongs to the category of variable stars which we shall study later on. 🔊

9. Author's archaic and variable spelling is mostly preserved. 🔊

10. Archaic and variable spelling is preserved, including pic-nic. 🔊

11. Author's archaic and variable spelling and hyphenation is preserved. 🔊

How to use Variable in Sentences?

1. She drew out a tube with a variable nozzle and started working just ahead of him. 🔊

2. The operating times of variable cycle instructions depend upon the instruction. 🔊

3. On the 15th, the wind was variable at daylight, and a dense fog was on the river. 🔊

4. The husk of the shagbark is extremely variable in size, shape, thickness and opening habits. 🔊

5. There are several others of the same type: these are not, properly speaking, variable stars. 🔊

6. If it be allowable to speak of myself, I may say that my health is very variable and uncertain. 🔊

7. There are several other variable stars in Cetus, but none possessing much interest for us. 🔊