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  • The dinner menus do not vary much.
  • Any one of these may vary considerably.
  • In the same way plains vary greatly.
  • Liquids vary much in their power to dissolve solids.
  • Music, pictures, poetry fill and vary her life.
  • The "bars" of soap vary in weight and in composition.
  • The extent of subdivision will vary with the length of the composition.
  • These currents vary in temperature according to their elevation.
  • It enables the public speaker to vary from his conversational style.
  • The periods of incubation vary much in different species of birds.
  • These, of course, vary with the circumstances of the family.
  • The actual fees for tuition vary from three to twelve rupees (4s.
  • These revolutionists, indeed, may be well thought to vary in their conduct.

How To Use Vary In A Sentence?

  • But the truth is that they vary from individual to individual in degree and structure.
  • The periods may vary and practice in the uses of the mind may train it in alertness in its work.
  • I know men and women vary very much in these matters, just as children do in learning to talk.
  • The proportions and curvature of the stalk vary as do the proportions of the terminal ossifications to each other and to the stalk.
  • It is true that in repeating a statement in order to emphasize it he may have need to vary its form.
  • The clothing was generally black, but was to vary with the needs of the various countries and climates.
  • Again, the opposites themselves may vary from the least degree of diversity up to contradictory opposition.
  • In it the fluctuating forms vary with such unexampled indefiniteness and variability as to make all distinction of species quite illusory.
  • The superposed incoming voice currents will then be able to vary this magnetic field in exactly the same way as in the ordinary receiver.
  • Activity did not vary significantly with depth of snow until snow was more than 8 inches deep, when activity decreased abruptly.
  • So deep are the sources of this surface-action, that even the size of your companion seems to vary with his freedom of thought.
  • The unskillful writer often violates this principle, from a mistaken belief that he should constantly vary the form of his expressions.
  • The others are all solids, though their melting points vary through wide limits, from caesium which melts at 26 deg.
  • Near this village the pistachio is abundant, and planes, willows, and a large-leaved clematis vary the foliage.
  • Their melting points vary inversely with their atomic weights, while their densities (sodium excepted) vary directly with these.
  • The boll worm is most destructive in the south-western states, where the damage done is said to vary from 2 to 60% of the crop.
  • The men of the tale vary between the competent and the incompetent; the lazy and idle, and the industrious; the cunning, and the stupid.
  • Only in one respect did she never vary by a hair's breadth: this was her hatred of Louise's husband.
  • Among the real, good old Persian carpets there are very few patterns, though colouring and borders vary considerably.
  • If many of them are correlatives they are not all so, and the relations which subsist between them vary from a mere association up to a necessary connexion.
  • Grapes vary in season, according to the elevation at which they are grown; they begin to be in market in July, coming from the lowlands.
  • Before him he has a map on which he can plot the location of the target, and through a telephone connection he can advise the men in the ground station how to vary the range.
  • The distances at which it is heard vary as the secants of a circle, the radius in this case being a length which is the closest approach of the ear to the bell.
  • Always the arrangement is such that the sound waves will vary the intimacy of contact between the electrodes and, therefore, the resistance of the path through the electrodes.
  • To utilize it, would require that the vibrations of the diaphragm cause the electromotive force of a battery or machine to vary in harmony with the sound waves.
  • A carbon transmitter being merely a resistance-varying device, its usefulness depends on how much its resistance can vary in response to motions of air molecules.
  • We may say that they are also free, because the opposite motions imply no contradiction; and we only have to vary the force in order to vary the motion.

Definition of Vary

(transitive) To change with time or a similar parameter. | (transitive) To institute a change in, from a current state; to modify. | (intransitive) Not to remain constant: to change with time or a similar parameter.
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