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  • He was a social, vascular creature, grasping and selfish.

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  • Soluble nutrients sprayed on plant leaves are rapidly taken into the vascular system.
  • One can understand the supremacy of the heart: it plainly bosses the whole vascular system.
  • They are a part of the vascular net-work situated upon the upper surface of the true skin.
  • Character: (a) Vascular changes and tissue } Acute reactions.
  • Narcotics are those substances having the property of diminishing the action of the nervous and vascular systems, and of inducing sleep.
  • Each hair is enclosed beneath the surface by a vascular secretory follicle, which regulates its form during growth.
  • A wart consists of both epidermic and papillary hypertrophy, the interior of the growth containing a vascular loop.
  • With death of a portion of this membrane the vascular supply to a portion of the bone is cut off, and necrosis ensues.
  • Before adopting any other measures, and as there appeared to be no marks of vascular fulness, it was determined to empty the bowels.
  • The alimentary canal is made anew, and the nervous and vascular systems now appear, but the tracheae are not yet formed.
  • The dropsy of debility is due to a loss of tone of the vascular system; the walls of the vessels become thinner and therefore dilate.
  • Being both vascular and highly organized, so as to be very sensible of pain; and intellectual, so as to see reason and glory in a matter.
  • In the acuminated variety there are marked papillary enlargement, excessive development of the mucous layer, and an abundant vascular supply.
  • I should have been surprised myself if I had been told that I was so sensitive to vascular influences.
  • Thus muscular organs form one system; membranous organs another; glandular organs a third; the vascular mechanism a fourth, and so on.
  • Also, I did not find as much individual variation in the skeleton and muscles in the area studied as I did in the vascular system.
  • A toning up of the entire vascular system, by which a reverse current from the tissues into the bloodvessels is made possible, is the only means for relief.
  • If such a crew are set to row a fast stroke in order to blow themselves and to accustom their vascular system to high pressure, their style may be damaged.
  • Changes in the skeleton and muscles, great enough to affect the blood vessels, would probably be detected more easily than would the resulting vascular changes.
  • The vascular excitement previously induced in the brain by study, has then time to subside, and sound, refreshing sleep is much more certainly obtained.

Definition of Vascular

(anatomy) Relating to the flow of fluids, such as blood, lymph, or sap, through the body of an animal or plant, or to the vessels that carry such fluids
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