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Definition of Vases

plural of vase

How To Use Vases In A Sentence?

  • They began to dig here and there and find beautiful statues and vases and jewels.
  • He took a dark red carnation out of one of the vases and pinned it on to her coat.
  • Facing the entrance is an altar with pictures, vases and the other customary appurtenances.
  • The girls were moving deftly about, laying cloths and arranging flower vases and silver.
  • Quantities of flowers adorned it, in tall glass vases and gilded baskets tied with ribbons.
  • We haven't any more vases to put them in; they'd have to be stuck in a bedroom water-jug.
  • Two Venetian glass vases on the mantel gave out an opalescent gleam in the twilight.
  • That pleased the Sultan, and the vases now have a place in our museum at the national capital.
  • There were two perfectly sound chairs; and two pink glass vases on the mantel-piece; and a clock.
  • The scent of roses you remember well; In the green vases they shall bloom again.
  • Farther on some of their own soldiers were conducting an auction of handsome vases and carved ornaments.
  • Everything of value that could be carried was taken out, and the larger statues and vases were broken to pieces.
  • We could not sufficiently admire the beauty and fragrance of the flowers and fruit, or the exquisite workmanship of the vases they had brought.
  • The beds were a blaze of flowers, and so were the tall vases which ornamented the flight of steps leading down to the tennis lawn.
  • Glass vases filled with it stood on the window sills and on the floor, the tops of the floor bouquets hiding the window receptacles.
  • Costly vases and musical instruments stood here and there, and couches of pale-blue silk and silver were ranged along the walls.
  • He gazed on the beauty of the kiosk, and the vases of gold and silver, while the youths and maidens kept him in converse.
  • The many vases and statues and urns, always like phantoms in a half-light, were more than ever weird.
  • The vases in particular seemed to be carved out of living opals, yet each was large enough to contain several pints of liquor.
  • Like all the vases of this epoch, those which are found upon the roof of the mastabas are roughly made, pointed at the bottom and without handles.
  • Two heavy vases that could not be easily overturned by the wind, standing on the upper block, also contained flowers.
  • No doubt was possible as to the character of the mass; Champollion found among the débris both canopic vases and funerary statuettes.
  • Suppose that instead of picking up an Indian arrowhead you could find old golden vases and crowns and bronze swords lying in the earth.
  • Les vases où étaient leur grain et leur eau étaient de jaspe, ou d'agate la plus précieuse.
  • It was described by Hatton as a handsome building, with six spacious brick piers before it, surmounted by vases and with ironwork between.
  • Jars and vases stood on tables, plaques and platters hung on the walls, each notable for some excellence in shape, glaze, or decoration.
  • In one cave near the city the soldiers found a number of vases of pure gold, embossed with figures of animals, serpents, and locusts.
  • Here vases and urns of yellow, purple, saffron, scarlet, pink and white, pied and streaked with living flames.
  • They restored and enriched the temples of these gods: they dedicated to them statues or oblation vases for the welfare of themselves and their families.
  • Thus, out of sixty-six vases at Polignano, all but one or two were found to be Dionysiac in their symbolism.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vases | Vases Sentence

  • It would make the finest pair of vases in the world!
  • Japanese prints and Chinese vases sit in a world above me.
  • The decorative vases are by Austin, of the New Road.
  • Groups of flowers in rare and costly vases perfumed the room.
  • The vases melted down or pledged will serve for the holy war.
  • But the vases are better; they are good; they might deceive an expert.
  • In one cave the soldiers found vases of pure gold, etc.
  • The vases had belonged to Gregory's mother.
  • Then Joyce stepped back to look at the plates and vases on the mantel.
  • Said he: 'I saw vases thrown from the mantel-piece in broad daylight.

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