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  • A vast empire of trade opens out.
  • The eye embraces a vast extent of country.
  • To Griffiths, a vast impotence seemed to descend upon him.
  • It is the latter that give one so vast a sense of the former.
  • The one in which he entered was vast and shrouded in the dusk of evening.
  • This vast ideal system is supposed to be based upon experience.
  • A vast rumbling crash shook the coral foundations of the atoll.
  • This vast and splendid place had been converted into an open air ball-room.
  • The fish had forsaken the ocean and vast numbers of tiger-sharks appeared.
  • The forest-clad interior of the vast island remains an unknown wilderness.
  • America had vast resources, but she seemed almost wholly unprepared for war.
  • He reads a vast deal, and knows more than most do, who wear the Royal Diadem.
  • There's plenty about us that loves their drink a vast deal too well.

How To Use Vast In A Sentence?

  • You must know that there was a vast distinction between the classes of society of the town.
  • No other object is sufficiently vast to fill and satisfy the unlimited desires of the mind.
  • A vast sun-scorched plain stretching away in endless miles under a blazing sky.
  • The arched ceiling was supported by vast oaken beams; the floor was inlaid with polished marbles.
  • Between her questions she gave me a vast amount of information for which I had no possible use.
  • When we gained the top a vast stretch of the Northwest spread away to the east and north.
  • A mess president, of course, especially on service, has a vast weight upon his shoulders.
  • I tried to console him with the thoughts of the vast applause he daily received, but it was all in vain.
  • It is as if they had come across a vast interval since his time, into the very chamber of the statesman.
  • He seemed to regard humanity as if it were a vast picture puzzle which it was his privilege to take apart and put together again for his amusement.
  • The king's lost crown is a vast matter to the king, but of no consequence to the child.
  • He carries off the dignity with great stateliness, conscious of the vast gulf fixed between him and tenants with no initials after their name.
  • We were mere atoms in a vast wave of horn and bone and flesh that bore us onward as the tide floats driftwood.
  • The Cockaynes found themselves borne by the endless stream of customers into a vast and lofty gallery.
  • An object so vast and overwhelming as the divine omnipotence, cannot fail to transport the imagination, and to fill the soul with wonder.
  • He stood beside the horse with the bridle in his hand, and looked down upon the vast plain stretching away from the foot of the ridge.
  • In my nightmares I gasped and struggled for breath under the crush of that vast book for many a night.
  • His entrance disturbed a vast number of bats, that flew shrieking out of the damp hollows of the rocks and whirled wildly round him.
  • One hand clutched his shirt collar, the other hand brandished the pig, and amid the vast uproar of a delighted kingdom she royally swatted him.
  • Seated in the deep green of the vast meadows on the west bank of the willow-shaded Mohawk, these staring white edifices were very conspicuous.
  • They must emigrate, go for good, or seek employment and means of wealth in some such vast field as India.
  • The question set every tongue in motion; a vast deal of bantering; criticising of countenances; of mutual accusation and retort took place.
  • Thus the whole State became one vast armed camp, nearly forty thousand men on a side, arrayed against each other.
  • She has relegated a vast deal since the cleansing process set in, in August a year ago, but the scrap-heap clamors for more.
  • In spite of his vast prestige I claim kindred with him and set his name upon my title-page, in partial intimation of the matter of my story.
  • In the Moluccas we may read a compendium of the wide-spread history which applies to the vast regions comprised in the mighty Archipelago.
  • Endless precautions and vigilant care alone secure the safety of Balik-Papan from the perils incidental to the vast stores of explosive material.

Definition of Vast

Very large or wide (literally or figuratively). | Very great in size, amount, degree, intensity, or especially extent. | (obsolete) Waste; desert; desolate; lonely.
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