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  • It was vastly wearying work.
  • She had improved vastly in every way.
  • And anybody could see that he was vastly relieved.
  • I was vastly relieved to find that the bluff had worked.
  • Charley looked vastly perplexed, but said nothing.
  • He was vastly more important now than this wretch who plucked at his arm.
  • Yet the water-wheel transforms vastly more energy than the watch.
  • We think his pictures would be vastly improved if painted in a lower key.
  • He started for his cabin and the crew, vastly relieved, followed him.
  • He saw a little quirk of her lips, at that, and was vastly encouraged thereby.
  • Mr. Gammon had formed already, vastly different plans for him!

How To Use Vastly In A Sentence?

  • What had been taking place during the preceding two hours is vastly more to the point.
  • They both can claim intimate knowledge of the ocean, but from vastly different perspectives.
  • Hence kindliness, hence cheerfulness, is rendered vastly more difficult for me.
  • Peter felt vastly happy, too enthralled to believe that the state could endure.
  • This reputation he had vastly expanded during his two years as Governor of New Jersey.
  • Well certainly, Miss Seymour, the country air does agree with you; you look vastly well.
  • Realization of the benefits of organization and ability to co-operate will vastly strengthen class power.
  • It will be understood that the vastly major part of the total length of belt was always within the chamber.
  • Far from admitting that they are less real than you, they regard themselves as possessed of reality vastly more intense than yours.
  • And much ingenuity with a little money is vastly more profitable and amusing than much money without ingenuity.
  • That the association has vastly improved the social opportunities of farmers is a trite saying among old observers of its work.
  • In two years the population of the city had vastly increased, until it now numbered over thirty thousand inhabitants.
  • But the defenders were able to muster only a comparatively small force, vastly inferior to the foe in numbers.
  • The change no doubt has contributed vastly to the wealth of the world and to progress, but it has been fatal to the native populations.
  • It might conceivably have been so reduced by some property in the water and soil, for decomposition varies vastly with these things.
  • He was most kind and cordial; vastly amusing and interesting, and gave me even a higher opinion of him than before.
  • Forced to contend with small means against vastly superior foes, he made genius and courage supply the place of numbers.
  • What was the use of trying to understand this vastly complicated and enigmatical world, especially when one was married to a nagging woman?
  • It gives vastly increased scope and power, by enabling the speaker to bring into play all the resources of vocal force and intensity.
  • To you and I, the quiet which one finds here is vastly more inviting than it is to the friends who have just left us.
  • But the number of authentic cases of persons who have seen their own form, is vastly greater at the North than anywhere else.
  • He turned at the sound of my voice with vastly more concern than he'd betrayed under the muzzle of Piegan's gun.
  • His bad manner vastly takes away from the impression which he desires to make, and which, if his manner had been different, he would have made.
  • King Ingiald finds it vastly amusing to burn up half a dozen kings in a hall, after getting them drunk.
  • It was like the slow and stately progress of a swollen, vastly overfed queen bee, moving on her round of the cells to deposit her eggs.
  • The academic influences exerted over American students are, it must be premised, vastly different from those of the old world.
  • For a moment the man in the water pedaled and flailed, vastly frightened, and gasping, above the clang of the engine-room telegraph, for a rope.
  • Another encampment, vastly smaller and less luxurious than the Persian, but of martial orderliness, spread out along the pass.
  • The evidence that is this way obtained is vastly better and more satisfying than all that can be obtained by the arguings of those that are most learned, and greatest masters of reason.

Definition of Vastly

Greatly, in a vast manner.
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