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  • The submarine veered sharply.
  • The car veered back again.
  • Elsa discreetly veered into another channel.
  • Being in the boat we were veered astern by a rope.
  • That column veered somewhat to the right as it came.
  • I veered off from the main street of the town ...
  • I veered round to reply, and the shadow had vanished.
  • But Dave veered off, taking a wider course from the shore.
  • In the evening the wind abated, and veered to S.W.
  • Of course there were periods in which her mind veered round.
  • Berta's voice veered from sarcasm to genuine anxiety.
  • His comrades veered at his cry for help and glanced back over their shoulders.
  • He climbed aboard, and they veered out into the north-bound traffic.
  • It first veered to the north, where it remained two days with fair weather.
  • She has veered off toward the Lenwells'.
  • It warned her, too, that she had gone too close, for he veered off sharply.
  • A brief command to the helmsman and the Lawrence again veered sharply.
  • The two destroyers, however, veered sharply and dashed after the Lawrence.
  • In the night the wind veered to N.W. which enabled us to steer S.W.

How To Use Veered In A Sentence?

  • She veered for a moment from her terror to the necessity for justifying herself.
  • The river flashed as gaily in the beam, and the vessels veered as proudly to the breeze.
  • She veered to starboard at about 3.30, to bring into play her starboard batteries.
  • On the Saturday night of that week the wind veered into the east and the clouds banked up.
  • The skiff veered wildly as Shearing dodged a whizzing chunk of rock the size of a skyscraper.
  • Instead, however, I gave her still more hawser, veered her, and dropped the second anchor.
  • After this, the talk, resolutely shunted by Ballard, veered aside from Arcadian matters.
  • The wind gradually veered to the east; and, at last, fixing at E. by S., blew a fresh gale.
  • In the afternoon it became fair, and the wind veered round to the S. and S.S.W.
  • Berta watched her with a wavering expression that veered from wrathful amusement to uneasy reflectiveness.
  • The wind also veered to N.E. and blew a fresh gale, with which we stood to S.E.
  • The yellow sampan veered far from her course, and a sweep floated on the surface some few yards aft.
  • The wind had now veered to the west, and was so moderate, that we could bear two reefs out of the top-sails.
  • Just then the submarine veered off her straight course somewhat to extend her open water run for two or three miles up the edge of the field.
  • He was lowered over the side with his hands still fastened behind his back, and directly after the boat was veered astern with a rope.
  • They veered to right and left, striking the rocky sides of the channel, which actually seemed to be growing narrower.
  • He, too, veered toward them as he passed, and they in turn recognized the courtesy by going out of their orbits as they passed.
  • But by means of a line attached to a barrico and veered out to lee'ard, one of the men was hauled up over the brig's side.
  • Suddenly the wind veered a little, or the heavy swell which was running caught us, for we began to drift quickly down into the mass of breakers.
  • She veered round upon him a moment later, as if, when her train of thought was ended, she became aware of his presence.
  • Through accident, or by the last shift of seamanship, she veered about broadside on, her huge guns still belching defiance.

Definition of Veered

simple past tense and past participle of veer
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