Veering In A Sentence

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  • Wind is veering round.
  • She clutched the side of the veering plane.
  • On vagrant, veering winds.
  • The wind is veering round to the south to-night.
  • The wind is veering round in an easterly direction, but is still very slight.
  • The wind, after veering to the west, had sunk to a perfect calm.
  • She was a changeling of a girl, veering from gayety to shyness....
  • From Butcher Stevens' boot the ball went twisting and veering down the field.

How To Use Veering In A Sentence?

  • It turned like a weather-cock, so that the sound was independent of the veering of the wind.
  • Credulity is a mere feather, liable to be blown about with every veering wind of doctrine.
  • Straight across the narrow water she shot, the firm hand of the governor never veering now.
  • For a few minutes the breeze held true, then swiftly veering it blew dead ahead.
  • It steadily pursued a diagonal course, veering constantly nearer to the left shore.
  • Down the white road, veering drunkenly from one side to the other, came a leaping black dot.
  • And he watched how the veering flaw did blow The smoke now West, now South.
  • Upon this, came one of those veering lists of the ballast aboard which are so disconcerting to the author.
  • The veering of the wind will consequently be more or less complicated according as the ship may be nearer to or farther from the centre.
  • The veering of the advanced political parties from liberalism to socialism would seem to be a clear indication of this new tendency.
  • The horse, veering again and wheeling sharply, had hurled the wagon against a cage in which was confined a full-grown tiger.
  • Thus arranged, we pulled away, veering in and out among the ice-patches, and keeping about twenty yards from the floe.
  • The sun set angrily, and the wind veering more adversely, to their utter dismay, brought them on a lee shore.
  • On my way across the lake I noticed that the wind was veering round toward the east and that the temperature was rising.
  • And so he went on for several days, with the wind veering always south and south-west, and pointing pretty steadily to the north-east.
  • The wind now veering more and more to the east, and blowing a gentle top- gallant gale, in eight days it carried us into the latitude 9 deg.
  • The three smaller German cruisers very soon left the line, and made an attempt, veering off to the south, to scatter and escape.
  • The two English machines steered straight for the oncoming Fokker, the latter veering to the left in time to prevent too close a meeting.
  • The tables exhibit the veering of the wind with the movements of the barometer, according as the ship is situated in the right or left hand semicircle of the hurricane.
  • While Miss Betty felt uncertain; veering now to this belief, now to that, and much distressed either way.
  • Dread gloom invests the further wave, Whose foaming toss alone is seen, beneath The veering bowsprit.
  • He floated in sight of this island almost all this day, the wind veering into most points of the compass, and he was turned back from his course and lost more than he gained of his way.
  • Otherwise, as regarded the Ministry, the veering gusts of Tonans were objectionable: he 'raised the breeze' wantonly as well as disagreeably.
  • His opinions undoubtedly shifted with the veering of his moods, but on the whole these axioms of suspense mark the central point to which they constantly tended to return, and at which they rested longest.
  • But the veering wind rallies them again, and again they sweep back over the vast expanse, and hill and valley, earth and sky, are obliterated in a second.

Definition of Veering

present participle of veer | A motion that veers; a sudden swerve.
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