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  • A great variety of vegetables is used.
  • No fresh vegetables are to be seen in any of these stores.
  • We gathered up as much of the vegetables as we could carry.
  • They also flourish on garden vegetables and flowers.
  • There's plenty o' fresh vegetables out on deck.
  • And Dr. Harley said vegetables were so very good for me.
  • Cut the vegetables into small dice and pour the dressing over.
  • Garden vegetables suffer more than anything else from insects.
  • And these raised all kinds of vegetables and had fine crops.
  • There were vegetables in that bazaar and sticks of wild rhubarb.
  • We promised them each a dime if they would bring the vegetables we had left.
  • To the left are a heap of vegetables and a woman is picking up a red cabbage.
  • It's a meat stew thickened with vegetables and meal.
  • Of these two vegetables the American Indians make constant use.
  • I saw a shop with vegetables and grapes, a real Italian shop, a dark cave.

How To Use Vegetables In A Sentence?

  • Her daughter had begun to clean some vegetables that would be cooked for dinner.
  • A woman carrying a copper pail is selecting some vegetables and disputing with the vender.
  • Complete figures concerning the culture of common vegetables under glass are still wanting.
  • But this, with all those vegetables you gave me yesterday, will give me such a start.
  • Why will vegetables cook faster when boiled in strong salt water than when boiled in pure water?
  • The morning was still young when she put her turkey in the oven, and made the vegetables ready.
  • Meat, milk, bread, perishable fruits and vegetables must usually be purchased daily.
  • There were several young Italian nature-folk who ate nothing but vegetables and fruits, raw.
  • The clamour of these vegetables he had launched into the world for his service and assistance, wore out his patience.
  • Before her kneels a farmer to be crowned, and he extends his hand to the fruits and vegetables in the foreground.
  • In the ruined cloisters the tracery is of the most delicate description, foliage of trees and vegetables being carved on them.
  • They spend nearly all their time in eating, and do immense damage to the foliage of trees and vegetables and to fruit.
  • This time a greasy mess of vegetables and small pieces of rubber-like meat were ladled on to wooden platters from a barrel on wheels.
  • Many of them have considerable farms under fence, a barn, a garden in which vegetables are raised, and a peach orchard.
  • Processes of canning, preserving, and drying fruits and vegetables are demonstrated, as they are wholly new to most of the women.
  • For example, when vegetables and fruits have been enjoyed without estimating their value, it is difficult to judge their value in money.
  • Remembering the vegetables he had jettisoned, Scraggs knew he could not afford to accept that price.
  • Captain Scraggs hurling crates of vegetables overboard in an effort to get at the small boat quickly.
  • Piles of fresh greens and rich-colored vegetables were tended by gnarled old peasant women sitting under widespread umbrellas of faded colors.
  • Almost two thousand years old they are, made by the carts of the farmers, perhaps, who brought in vegetables for the market.
  • They are of all colors, and of varied appetites, some living solely on insects, others on fruits and vegetables and leaves of different kinds.
  • But, when the light is withdrawn, this process is reversed, and all vegetables exhale carbonic acid, and inspire the oxygen of the air.
  • In the northern cold part hardly anything grows, but in the central part great quantities of corn, grain, fruits and vegetables are raised.
  • After that she sent him for the vegetables named "crow's-feet" and "blackbird's-eyes," saying to him that they were very good cooked together.
  • She has learned new ways of preserving vegetables and fruits, but uses those methods only when they seem to her more inexpensive than her earlier practices.

Definition of Vegetables

plural of vegetable
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