Vegetate In A Sentence

Definition of Vegetate

(of a plant) To grow or sprout. | (of a wart etc) To spread abnormally. | (informal) To live or spend a period of time in a dull, inactive, unchallenging way.

How To Use Vegetate In A Sentence?

  • Look here, Marcia, how long do you suppose I can stand it to vegetate here in Canada?
  • The best solution to the frost damage problem is to find trees which vegetate late enough to avoid the spring frosts.
  • The people seemed rather to vegetate than to live, and their want of vigor became at times almost alarming.
  • In such a state of things, the principles, now only sown, will shoot out and vegetate in full luxuriance.
  • Man was compelled to vegetate in his primitive stupidity; he was preserved only by invisible powers, upon whom his fate was supposed to depend.
  • Thus quietly and comfortably did this excellent family vegetate under the shade of a mighty button-wood tree, which by little and little grew so great as entirely to overshadow their palace.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Vegetate | Vegetate Sentence

  • We either drowse or vegetate in and for the past.
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Vegetate in a sentence

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